Twilight Saga

San Diego Comic-Con opened with a bang and the panel for one of the most anticipated films in the history of squealing tweenie girls – Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  And though director Bill Condon couldn’t make it, he did speak to fans via video chat and took the opportunity to show off the first seven minutes of the new flick.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the footage to show you just yet (I’m sure it will show up soon, so check back).  What we do have is a brief description of what the preview featured, courtesy of CinemaBlend and related in my own poetic words.

The scene basically runs through Bella and Edward hunting.  Edward is teaching her how to use her newfound powers to get something to snack on in the woods.  While hunting a deer, she comes across a mountain lion in competition for her prize.  Instead of the deer, Bella decides the lion would make a better meal.  She then pounces on it, pummels it into submission and feasts.  This is followed by the pair returning home and having a brief conversation with Jacob.

Another clip was shown as well, this one showing Bella as she attempts to go through the motions of pretending to be human so she can visit her father.  This one essentially turned into a comedy bit, with Bella having trouble adjusting to all the changes in her body.

With so much pre-shown Twilight, the SDCC staff no doubt had to change out hundreds of soaking wet seats following this panel.

The latest installment in the Twilight franchise is set to release on November 16th of this year.


Thanks to CinemaBlend for sitting in on this one so that we could do other things.

Well it’s finally here…a quick glimpse at some footage from Twilight Breaking Dawn:Part One.  And by a quick glimpse, I do mean quick! The footage from the wedding scene shows us a smiling Robert Pattinson, cheesing from ear to ear. Sadly, only the back of Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) head is seen.  The mere 15 seconds of pure Twilight joy experienced in so short a time is due to the fact that the clip will be revealed exclusively by Rob, Kristen and Taylor Lautner at the 2011 Mtv Movie Awards happening June 5.

Source: SlashFilm