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When you cast Idris Elba in your blockbuster, the badass quotient goes by by at least 25 per cent (just look at this past summer’s Pacific Rim). So keeping that in mind, do you think it’s a good idea to have an Elba-inflated Jurassic World cast? Well, if you do, that’s the rumor of the day, but before you get too excited, some closer scrutiny might indicate that this news will remain firmly in the realm of the rumor.

‘Jurassic World’ Gets a New Lead


There have been a few casting rumors surrounding the next Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World. Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum, and Sam Neill are among those said to be taking the lead in the upcoming Colin Trevorrow dino-flick, but they remain unconfirmed. However, we do know who’s going to be playing the part of the defenseless child that inevitably finds a way to put the adults in a precarious position with the Jurassic monsters. (more…)


Maestro of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige has been spending a lot of his time answering questions about Iron Man 3.  The flick releases May 3rd, and in his recent chat with About.com Feige gives us a straight answer on Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) suiting up, Tony’s – and Robert Downey, Jr‘s – budding relationship with ten year old, Harley, played by Ty Simpkins, plus how this time the stakes are higher than ever before. First, what is the deal with Pepper? From what we’ve seen in the trailer is looks like she’s got a more involved role. Kevin?

The love triangle in this movie is really between Tony, Pepper and the suits. Tony, Pepper and his obsession with those suits, and the obsession with technology. And, it’s sort of unique for a big superhero summer blockbuster franchise to have that kind of layers.

Yes, there’s a bad guy. Yes, the stakes are very, very high–the President of the United States is in danger. Air Force One is attacked. There are big stakes to this movie. But the real stakes are, is Tony going to be able to set aside the obsession to spend all day, every day in that workshop, tinkering with the suits in order to focus on, as he says in the trailer, the one thing that matters most – Pepper. And that actually is what the entire movie’s about.

But, will we see her suit up?

I will tell you this. In this movie [Iron Man 3] we play with the convention of the damsel in distress. We are bored by the damsel in distress. But, sometimes we need our hero to be desperate enough in fighting for something other than just his own life. So, there is fun to be had with “Is Pepper in danger or is Pepper the savior?” over the course of this movie.

In terms of where we go with future movies, we’ll see. In the comic books she does get a taste for the suit and becomes her own hero named Rescue, who doesn’t necessarily battle other people, but is on missions to help people and to save people. Will we do that down the line with Gwyneth Paltrow? Who knows. But her being in the suit is something we have been playing with since Iron Man 2, where we did some designs and it didn’t end up fitting in that movie. But the little taste you saw here [in an Iron Man 3 clip] is something that we’re certainly interested in.

I’m a little disappointed we won’t see her as Rescue this time around. Who knows, maybe we will, but his comments lead me to believe that’d be the next step of her evolution. Here’s hoping we’ll get another Iron Man flick so we can see this happen. Or maybe in The Avengers 2, I’d be down with that. What do you think, Pepper Potts in a suit for The Avengers sequel? Hell, anything to bring more women to the team, amirite?

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