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With the casting now finalized for Amazon‘s Zombieland show: Tyler Ross is Columbus, Maiara Walsh is Wichita, Izabela Vidovic is Little Rock, and Kirk Ward  is Tallahassee, we’ve got our first good look at them all together,


Man, do I hope this doesn’t suck. Though with a pilot coming from screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who also wrote the film, I’m really not all that worried. The series will start roughly two weeks after the events of the movie, and this first season will have a 13 episode run. But, if you want the series to make it to a 13 episode run, you’ll need to support it from the start. Amazon will be releasing the pilots for all of their prospective shows and let the fasn decide which becomes a fully-fledged series.


Stay tuned for more as it develops. But in the meantime, what are you thoughts on what we’ve seen so far?

Source: Collider

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The fun-time comedy zombie flick, Zombieland is on its way to television with its own Amazon produced series.  But to do that, they’re going to need to cast some actors.  The plan is to follow the same group of characters from the movie, so the bodies they choose will have to be able to measure up to the talent that already held those roles – no easy task.  Well, it looks like the first two casting decisions have been made.

Tyler Ross (Milkshake) will be taking on the role of Columbus while relative newcomer Izabela Vidovic has been cast as Little Rock.  Of course, since Zombieland is now a series these actors won’t be completely confined to what their predecessors brought to the table.  No doubt they’ll be able to mold and fit the characters to the developments in the show and put a little bit of themselves in there somewhere.

Two down and two to go, not to mention whoever new they decide to throw into the mix.  Though I wonder what poor bastard will end up with the job of trying to fill Woody Harrelson’s shoes.

Zombieland via TV will start off with a pilot written by the original movie writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and directed by Eli Craig (Tucker and Dale vs. Evil).  The two writers will further be sticking around in an executive producer capacity.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.