Love or hate it, Game of Thrones is a phenomenon. Few shows in history can boast being this big. Even its mistakes become media controlling phenomenon. All shows have a few slip-ups here and there. You’d expect that from a show with as many moving parts as Game of Thrones. But last week’s coffee cup scandal had people in a tizzy. Seeing a blatant piece of the modern world in their medieval fantasy made some folks lose their minds. This certainly couldn’t be the only time a goof like this has happened on the show, so… why the fuss?


Game of Thrones is one of the biggest television shows in history. Love it or hate it, the likelihood of it being a topic you’ve talked about is pretty high. But this Sunday’s episode is likely to be the most talked about. It’s certainly the most anticipated. The entire series has been leading up to this moment. Battle of Winterfell. White Walkers vs Winterfell. Some major characters have had their storylines come to fruition in Season 8, and while it’s the last season, anyone is really fair game. Who will die? Who will make it through? Here we go over some statistics for Battle of Winterfell and make some predictions of our own.



One of the interesting and fun things I love about fandoms is the periods between seasons and episodes when fans gather to discuss the series details, spin and speculate about why things happened, and what might possibly happen next. George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones has loads of fan interaction from both the book readers and the HBO television series watchers, often those fans being one and the same. Now we’d like to present you with one fan’s theory, feel free to insert “crazy” or the adjective of your choice in there, about everyone’s favorite wine drinking and whoring Lannister, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). Prepare to have your Game of Thrones mind blown! (more…)

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Above:  ForAllEternitie brings Tigra to life in a cosplay that somehow manages to make Tigra and skimpy little bikini look fierce and sexy, not silly and ridiculous. Bravo on that excellent paint job. (CBM)


What If ‘Game of Thrones’ Had Political Attack Ads

This is the closest that this NerdBastard ever wants to get to posting political crap on anything related to NerdBastards. We all get enough of that crap in everyday life and let’s face it, nothing anyone says on the Internet is really gonna change the way we each individually think about politics and life.

YouTube user MotherjonesVideo has put together two pretty damn close to actual political ads one would see in an old fashioned mud slinging campaign. One can just imagine the town crier ringing a bell and yelling, at the top of his lungs, these ads at passing peasants, noblemen, and noble ladies.

Peter Dinklage returned to his Alma mater Bennington College last Friday to give the graduating class of 2012 commencement speech. That’s the good news, the bad news is the shaky camera work, the poor volume control, and the raucous crowd, but you can get past that with just a little effort.

The speech begins with Peter showing off the mace that one student quickly handed him as he walked to the podium. Not some foam rubber LARP mace, no, a hand-made mace that, as Peter put it: “I would like to thank you Ben, for helping me put the fear of God in the audience.

It’s an interesting speech, a fascinating look into his career, his family life, and friends.


I’m sure you’ve all been sitting around lately thinking, “Gosh, y’know what Game of Thrones really needs? A sitcom spin-off focusing on the hijinks of Tyrion Lannister and his mercenary ally, Bronn.” Come on, I know you were. The comradery between the little lion and his unsavory mate is a highlight of the show and novels and as crass as an actual sitcom spin-off would be, I kind of want it.

Which is why it’s a good thing Vulture put together such a spot on, funny trailer. Check it out below and let us know what kind of shenanigans you’d want to see the guys get into on a weekly, 30 minute basis?

Source: The Mary Sue

The first in what will certainly be a series of teasers, behind the scenes, cast interviews, and what ever other promotional gimmickry that HBO’s talented promotional staff can come up with for Game of Thrones has hit the net and all I can say is . . .



I want to see every morsel and scrap that HBO is willing to feed me. I will gladly follow that breadcrumb trail throught he forest right into the HBO promotional witch oven while singing old Germanic nursery rhymes.


Peter Dinkladge – GQ Stud of the Year


NerdBastards would like to officially declare this the: 

“Year of Dinkladge”

Co-Starring in HBO’s Game of Thrones, wife pregnant with their first child, an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Game of Thrones, and now crowned with GQ’s “Stud of the Year” award, Peter Dinkladge is clearly on top of his Hollywood world. 

When talking with GQ about his studliness Peter responded,

“STUD?!”  (insert loudly repeated “STUD” a few times).

“I feel as much of a stud as… I can’t come up with a metaphor. That’s how lacking in studliness I am.”

The video below is a fantastic look into Peter and his sense of humor. Surrounded by beautiful women in lingerie he talks of his favorite television shows and just gives up, because who is really listening to him while these lovely ladies stand behind him. Check out how Peter’s eyes grab a quick look at the 45 second mark. That glance confirms his studliness, he knows you see him look, and he’s cool with it.

Peter also discussed some interesting insights into his character Tyrion from Game of Thrones with GQ reporter Lindy West.
“Tyrion was made an outcast by his family, so he—how should I put it?—he doesn’t give a shit,” says Dinklage. “But he’s also kind, in a way, and that’s a relief in a show where everybody’s constantly chopping each other’s heads off.” Does he find that, since Tyrion, women are looking at him differently? “I never know where women are coming from. I’m still figuring them out, and I’m 42 years old.”

Via: GQ