Unbreakable 2


In 2000, the biggest comic book movie was Bryan Singer‘s first X-Men movie. Fifteen years later and that franchise is still going strong, so why not have another superhero film from that year get the sequel treatment? In a fascinating reversal, at the time it was director M. Night Shyamalan that was hot and comic book movies that were not, which might be part of the reason why Shyamalan’s follow-up to his smash hit The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, was not as successful as the “I see dead people” movie. So maybe now that comic book movies are in fashion, a sequel to Unbreakable, which was heavily inspired by comic books, would not be out of question. Shyamalan, who’s in a bit of a rut himself now, seems to agree. (more…)


Back in the year 2000 if you wanted to make a compelling Hollywood blockbuster with a clever “twist” you hired M. Night Shyamalan. Known for toying with expectations his film, Unbreakable, released that same year and cemented his position as the guy everyone wanted. Several years and several misfires later, Shyamalan is back and possibly looking to make a sequel to one of his first major successes.

His latest effort with the father/son duo of Will and Jaden Smith in After Earth all wrapped up the director recently brought up the notion of Unbreakable 2. Every couple of years the long awaited sequel has resurfaced, but it’s never been more than a rumor. Now, in an interview with MTV, Shyamalan said Unbreakable 2 is in “his agenda”, adding,

 As long as it can be  connected to something that I’m feeling right now, then I’ll work for me.

As someone who actually enjoys his earlier work this is a project M. Night can and should develop in the next few years. Even with the almost fourteen year gap the announcement of casting Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, should it ever happen, to a sequel would procure my ticket. The original Unbreakable itself even left open the option for a sequel, maybe it’s time for David Dunn and arch-villain Elijah Price to make their respective return? What do you think?

Source: MTV via CBM