zombie cruise

Imagine it: you’re out on a nice, sunny day, relaxing pool-side on the deck of a huge cruise ship where you’ve been enjoying great cuisine and fun entertainment (and unlimited drinks at the bar, hey-yo!)… and then your good times are ruined when a zombie comes staggering onto the Lido Deck and tries to eat your brains.  While it sounds like a scenario out of the latest zombie novel or video game, in 2016 the scenario might be all too real – if you sign up to be a passenger on the new “The Walking Dead” themed cruise!



Just when you thought they couldn’t take anything more and turn it into a zombie movie, Canadian filmmaker Brett Kelly proved all the naysayers wrong. As part of the National Fan Expo in Toronto Thursday (and carrying through on till Sunday evening), Kelly’s new film called My Fair Zombie was screened for zombie fans sick and tired of the same old survivalist, post-apocalypse shtick of an undead tale. Although my mother and a generation full of young women who admired Audrey Hepburn would be shocked and appalled, Kelly has taken the 1964 classic and turned into a zom-com-musical with flare. (more…)


Every once and a while, a movie comes along that is so unafraid of its schlocky status that it puts it right there in title for everyone to see. You read the title, and instantly, you comprehend what it is that the filmmakers are doing with the film, like Snakes on a Plane. From very similar minds, but not exactly those minds, comes Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies, and if you don’t believe it is what it promises, then check out the trailer for the film below. (more…)

Psychology of the Living Dead

They have no pulse, no heart beat, and no conscious but the living dead still terrify anyone that currently lives six feet above ground. With their lack of compassion and morals these undead creatures are a threat the world over. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can have the best fortress on the planet but all these hordes need is time. With all these advantages a zombie seems like the ultimate killing machine of the horror world. Yet, why is it that something that has the mental capacity of Lady Gaga can be so terrifying? The answer may be simpler then you think.

Aim for the head

In The Zombie Autopsies, a medical team on a remote island attempts to apply forensic techniques to the living dead in order to cure a zombie plague. Knowing so much about the living the scientists should know everything about the dead, right? According to author and assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Stephen Schlozman, MD, has an explanation to our fear of the zombie. Writing in a blog post for Psychology Today, the zombie terror we all get comes from a basic human information process: Pattern recognition. We are afraid of these walking meat bags because we recognize them as scary.




Hot off the heels of zombie mania, here’s The Top Ten Of The Dead.  The monster hit Zombieland, and the master of zombie himself George Romero’s new Survival Of The Dead, are getting rave rewiews. So, it seemed to be a no brainer(no pun intended) to put together our favorite Zombies of movie history. Let’s see which one can shuffle and moan their way to the number 1 spot! (more…)