While it might not be the first franchise that springs to mind when you think about expensive collectibles, Underworld has a longevity that is the envy of many a film series. The first movie was released in 2003 and the fifth instalment, Underworld: Blood Wars, came out earlier this year. There is already a sixth movie underway as well as a television series in discussion, and that’s on top of the comic book adaptations and novelisations of the story. People wouldn’t be going to so much effort if there wasn’t a devoted audience out there who loved it. Indeed, there is a tight-knit cult following within nerd culture that lives for the history and culture and brutal, bloody battles in the saga of the lycan and vampire clans. (more…)


Now Underworld isn’t the most imaginative franchise ever made. Nor is it the most innovative. You also can’t argue that it has the best action, or coherent storytelling, or a compelling supporting cast…. You know what? Let’s just say it’s got its flaws. One of those flaws, however, is not Kate Beckinsale. Her performance in three out of four Underworld movies affirmed Beckinsale’s position as one of the preeminent kick ass heroines of our time. Could you have an Underworld movie without its leather clad, two-pistol packing, kick-punch delivering leading lady? You can, but do you want to? Well, the good news is you don’t have to because Beckinsale will be back for part 5. (more…)



With ‘True Blood’ having met its maker, somebody thinks we need hot vampires on TV again, and ‘The Strain’ just won’t do that. And when I say hot, I just mean normal-looking, unlike those freaks in Guillermo del Toro’s madhouse opus. Throw in a few werewolves (hopefully they won’t be represented as just big dogs) and screw it, might as well just adapt ‘Underworld’ to the small screen. But then, someone somewhere else is thinking, “Know what television needs? More zombies.” Cast a female ass-kicker because they’re the hot topic these days, and BAM! Might as well just adapt ‘Resident Evil’ to the small screen too! However these projects came about, I’d love to have eavesdropped during the meetings that assumed series stars Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovovich would be on board. Aren’t they? (more…)


Anytime Hollywood finds a successful franchise that starts running out of steam, the decision to pull the plug is immediately discussed.  We have seen this happen time and time again, and for the most part, walking away from the sliding franchise is the most intelligent decision from a financial standpoint.  More often these days, however, movie studios want to continue building on the brand that they have created and nurtured by rebooting the property rather than just tossing the franchise after a failure or two.  Well, a franchise whose latest release was actually the most successful entry in the entire saga has just decided to join this not-so-elite group of reboots rather than continuing the story that it’s been telling for over ten years.  It looks like fans of the Underworld series will soon have a whole new team of vampires and werewolves to follow. (more…)

Remember all the hubbub about a Star Wars television show that would take place between Episodes III and IV and would focus on the underworld of Coruscant? It was rumored to be called Star Wars: Underworld and we’ve been told hours upon hours of scripts had been written but since it would be too expensive to make right now it’d be on hold for a few years. Well, there’s been an update, as in it’s no real update but producer Rick McCallum assures us the series is still happening…someday.

It all boils down to money. With where technology is right now the 50 scripts they have written would just be too expensive to film. They’re waiting for things to be more affordable. Affordable like $4-5 million per episode! That’s a freakin’ pricey TV show, what the hell would it cost now!?!

McCallum talked with IGN at Kapow! Comic Con where he gave them the update,

When do you think will finally see some of Star Wars: Underworld?

Source: Geek Tyrant

Even though Underworld: Awakening isn’t out in theaters until this weekend, Kate Beckinsale is already talking about the possibility of another Underworld flick.

In a recent interview with Collider, Beckinsale tells us why she should never become a psychic:

I’m the worst person to ask about this. I always said there was not going to be a fourth one, so you can’t trust what I say at all,” she said. “Playing the same character over and over again does seem a bit odd, but I am very fond of the character and other people are pretty fond of her, too. So, who knows?

To be honest, I hope they leave the franchise where it is because enough is enough.  It’s getting old and overdone now and it’s time to just move the fuck on.

Source: Geek Tyrant


Werewolves. We love them right? They are the original gangsta staple for what we know, live and breathe in horror besides Vampires, Frankensteins and Zombies. Now we have tons of variations of werewolves and vampires, new plagues wiping out civilizations and giant all the steady cam horror we can get. But I have something to admit, its hugely embarrassing and I’m not ashamed to say it. I slept in my parents bed until I was 10 for two reasons, one was the clown doll from Poltergeist and the other was David, the American Werewolf in London. I’ll never forget his transformation scene, scary me batshit crazy until my early adolescence.  Now I look back and while they certainly don’t scare me anymore, I was petrified, but later on I will reveal strangely enough a werewolf that took his place when I was 7 or 8 as the most terrifying Werewolf. While the old school transformations looked more realistic, some of the digital renderings are getting there finally. No bullshit American Werewolves in Paris where 2 cartoon dogs are fighting it out, no, now special effects have brought us to Lycans. (more…)