Nerd Cake Of Awesomeness


This cake is called the Awesome Cake and it isn’t hard to see why.  It was created by Barbarann Garrard and it is made of win.  It has everything a nerd could want.  A zombie riding a unicorn, a rainbow for the unicorn to feel more magical by, skulls, robots and lollipops.  Then you have the Zeus inspired lightning bolts and a Mario piranha plant.  This cake would only be cooler if it had a Harry Potter wand or a vampire fang somewhere in there.  More pictures of the cake under the jump.



(Post by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

Nerds may be known for wearing lots of logo shirts (they’re free afterall), high waters, pocket protectors and generally UN-stylish wardrobes. But I’m sorry, there has been an evolution, no, Revolution in nerd style. A whole lot of bad-ass artisans have been busy in their workshops cranking out some pretty cool accessories for nerds. Here’s a few favorite picks for the Gamers in the crowd. (Pictured Above: Mario Brothers Cuff Links)