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ABOVE: I always thought Rachel Weisz was smashing. Seeing her depicted as She-Hulk, though,  adds new meaning to the word, don’t you think? [CBM]


As Hollywood systematically remakes each and every movie from the 80s its nice to see you can get a slice of action on the cheap. Karl Welzein, President and CEO of Bad Boy City Entertainment, has put his script for a Roadhouse remake up for sale on Craigslist. As Welzien put it ‘you’ll feast your eyes on a taste of the gold‘ and it is ‘the film America’s been cravin’ for.’

Not sold yet? How about this, he also inexplicably states it will star restaurateur, television personality, and game show host Guy Fieri! PLUS, Welzien will also co-star in the movie to help you keep costs low.

How can this fail?

If you’re still not sold you can check out an excerpt from the opening scene of Roadhouse 2012: Pain Still Don’t Hurt after the jump.


The Interwebz, where nerd art runs wild. Oh sure, sometimes it is an all to private peek into the real reason Kool-aid man say’s “Oh Yeah!” or what Cheetara means when she says she’s off to play with her ‘cat toys’. Hey, that’s the internet folks. Luckily there is always the counter balance of some mind blowing nerd based art. We collect it, you enjoy it, and we are all better for it.

ABOVE: I once had a dream about a Themysciraian pillow fight. It was very 300-esque, only, you know… heterosexual. Above, the artist simply known as Rinri has done far better rendering of what Wonder Woman would where to such an event than my imagination ever could. [Geek-Art]

Hit the jump for a Star Wars/Doctor Who mash up, Venom and MOAR!


Serenading Unicorn Rocks Sarah Silverman’s World


It looks like Sarah Silverman got tired of “Fraking Matt Damon” and moved on to greener pastures. While in those pastures it seems Sarah met, fell in love with, and moved in with a unicorn, not just any unicorn, but a magically, musically, talented, Serenading Unicorn. This is one of those crazy marketing ideas (from Juicy Fruit) that leaps out of the marketing box, grabs you by the ears, and plants a big, wet, sloppy, nerdy kiss right on the lips. Hell, I don’t even chew gum and I want to buy a pack of Juicy Fruit just to support this kind of marketing. So enjoy this first video of Sarah and Serenading Unicorn, then check out the others. There is one with Serenading Unicorn doing Gangsta that makes me cry.


You can tell that Sarah liked the concept and went with it. I expected more lines like, “You don’t touch my horn anymore,” or “You keep leaving glitter everywhere!” Over all the video just works. Click through the jump and check out the Gangsta video and tons more.



NOTE: For those that don’t have any patience for my ramble. Here’s the short of it. “here’s a commercial for norton Antivirus with Dolph and a unicorn.”

Two things I like most in life. 1. Unicorns. What? You wanna fight about it? Unicorns are AWESOME, and Magical. 2. 80s’ Action star, Dolph Lundgren. Uh, Rocky IV anyone? Or, how about Universal Soldier, or my personal favorite Masters of the Universe? His movie resume speaks volumes of his awesomeness. I’m not gay but I think it’s obvious that I have a total man crush on this blond, Swedish hulk of a man. If he were to say ‘I MUST BREAK YOU”, most would run away. I, however would offer him my body. What? It’s only gay unless you kiss! I digress, point is, that Dolph (him and I are on a first name basis) and Unicorns are good. Put them together and they are great. That said, here’s a video of a Norton AntiVirus commercial that features a sweet, tiny, innocent Unicorn and Dolph Lundgren. Dolph plays a mean, idendity stealing virus and the unicorn is supposed to be your innocent, unprotected PC (PCs’ SUCK!) Dolph wants to sexually molest your PC Unicorn or something, but only running Norton will stop him.

We all know from Norton vs Mcafeee Comparsion, Norton is Winner! You can use norton antivurs on Windows & Mac without any problem

The entire video is pretty cute and funny, but the end is pure gold!


source: toplessrobot