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Obviously comic books as TV series has been a trend that everyone (except NBC) has enjoyed collecting dividends from. Aside from the notable cancellation of Constantine, most TV series that originate from comic series enjoy decent ratings, an enthusiastic fanbase and the endorsement of their networks. No wonder then that Universal wants in on that action. A new deal between the studio and Dark Horse Comics was announced yesterday, and it will see the transference of some big Dark Horse properties to the small screen in a development deal that covers both adaptations and original works from the Milwaukie, OR-based publisher. What titles might you see coming soon to a TV/cable channel near you? Read on. (more…)

’12 Monkeys’ is Coming to the Small Screen


It looks like Hollywood is looking towards the past for the future of television by pillaging movies of the 90s’. A few weeks ago we told you that From Dusk till Dawn would be shooting as a television series in October and now another movie has just been green lighted for a pilot.

In an announcement made earlier today by Syfy, a 60-minute pilot will be shot based on Universal Pictures12 Monkeys. Originally based off of the 1962 short “La Jetée” by Chris Marker, this adaptation from director Terry Gilliam saw Bruce Willis, as convicted criminal James Cole, sent back in time to earn a pardon by collecting a pure sample of a virus that wipes out human life on the surface of the planet. The film grossed $168 million on a budget of $29.5 million and earned co-star Brad Pitt a Golden Globe award and nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards.

Shooting is set to begin in November, but is it currently listed as “Cast Contingent” meaning that until the roles played by Bruce and Brad are cast there will be no pilot. The series will be produced by Universal Cable Productions and Atlas Entertainment – producer of the original film – and will be scripted by Terra Nova writers Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett.

So what do you think? Will this pilot take off next year or is it just another waste of time? Which of Hollywood’s TV “A-list” do you think should be cast in the leads?

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