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AMC’s The Walking Dead has been immensely popular since the TV show aired in 2010. Due to the sizeable fanbase The Walking Dead created, it was no real surprise Universal Studios Hollywood announced an all year round attraction dedicated to the show. Universal Studios are well known for their immersive and often horrifying Halloween attractions that run from September through to the end of October. The fact that The Walking Dead attraction is open to visitors throughout the year means that regardless of the time of year, fans of the show can get a taste of first hand experience of The Walking Dead. The real question is, can a walk through attraction really generate a similar atmosphere to the show? Well, this week the world was allowed a sneak peak into the inner workings of the attraction that opens July 4th and it looks like they’re going to have a damn good go!



How’s this for a mash-up?

Bill and Ted travel to the land of Oz where they meet Gay Superman, the crew of the USS Enterprise, General Zod, Wreck-It Ralph, Amanda Bynes, and the ghost of  late Glee star Cory Monteith (in the form of a tornado).

This could have been absurdly awesome–instead, the producers decided to go in another direction, and put on a show offensive to every moral, ethical, artistic, and simply HUMAN sensibility imaginable. (more…)

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who love Michael Bay’s Transformer movies, and dirty fucking liars.  The Transformers trilogy are simply bad movies. It’s my belief that anyone who truly likes these films are lying to themselves. If you’re a fan, I’m sorry if I have offended you, but it infuriates me at how horrible movies become so popular (*cough* Twilight).  I welcome you to leave comments telling me how wrong I am.

Anyhow, I’m not here to shake fists and insult anyone’s taste in movies. Too late, right? Whether you love or hate Bay-formers, I think we can all admit that the films delivered some epic action. Each film was a cinematic thrill ride. The franchise easily lends itself for good theme park material.

As you may have heard, the Transformers are coming to Universal Studios Hollywood. Transformers: The Ride, will have its grand opening on May 25th 2012. Universal has just released a three minute behind the scenes featurette showing the development and construction of this new theme park attraction. Check out the clip below:

OK, so it wasn’t so much a ‘making of’ as much as it was just a dude talking about how great the ride is.

My bud Peter Sciretta from slashfilm got invited to a special technical rehearsal of the ride. Here’s a few excerpts from his play-by-play:

The ride introduces us to EVAC (our ride vehicle), an Autobot from the cartoons and toy series, that has been fully realized by ILM in in the style of the Michael Bay trilogy.

The ride places you in the middle of a fight between the Autobots and Decepticons, who are trying to steal a shard of the AllSpark. You experience this city assault from every level, from the streets, from inside a skyscrapers, in a underground subway tunnel and more. You’ll feel completely immersed in the action, and the ride is so cleverly designed that the transitions from scene to scene will make you believe that you’re not just watching 3D projections, but are somehow traveling through a city warzone. It feels much more impressive than Islands’ Spidey Ride as the characters, while still completely computer generated, feel more reality-based than the heavily cartoon-stylized Marvel villains.

The ride features the complete line of 4D effects you would expect, heat, fire, water, fog and smoke. The fire/heat effect is my favorite moment from the attraction as it translates Michael Bay’s style to a real life experience, complete with an ultra slow motion effect you’ve seen in the movies, and which shouldn’t work in reality — but somehow feels real in the moment.

While I hate the Transformers movies, even I have to admit at how fun this ride looks. And W00t to Peter Cullen!