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NB Exclusive: A Closer Look at Unstoppable


A runaway train, Denzel Washington and Chris Pine; an equation for an unstoppable movie!  Based on true events, director Tony Scott (Top Gun, Man on Fire, Deja Vu, Enemy of the State) recreates the day a runaway train carrying chemicals was destined to cause havoc on a small town.  Now while the plot may seem simplistic, there in lies the beauty of this film.  Pine is on his first day of work and basically Denzel is training him to take his job (hell of a first day on the job!),  The film relies on raw human emotion, not just the acton; but TRUST me there’s tons of that too!

Unstoppable (Nov. 12) has been compared to Speed on a train, and honestly I see NOTHING wrong with that!  Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ben McGinn who was Chris Pine’s stand in for the project and pick his brain about the film.  Check out the interview where he tells us about what it was like to work with Tony Scott, what exactly a stand in does and what it his experience was like on the set of Transformer’s 3 after the break!