Zombieland TV Series A Go

Recently, NerdBastards announced news of a casting call for a planned television series based on the enormously successful zombie comedy: Zombieland.

Broadcast Now today officially revealed that a half-hour TV version is indeed being developed by Amazon. This announced series will return Zombieland to its roots–as the film was originally conceived as a television pilot.

As discussed in the previous report, this series will continue the adventures of Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock (above-left to right)–adding background information about these characters, and introducing new players as the show progresses.

A comedic look at how folks might survive a zombie apocalypse could appeal not only to fans of the original movie, but also to zombiphiles who find The Walking Dead overly dry, nihilistic, and dour…..Granted, TWD is a drama: But there’s some logic to the idea that without a sense of humor, a survivor of so heinous a cataclysm might go pants-crappingly insane long before they even have an opportunity to become Walker chow.

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C2E2 was this past weekend and one of the hottest topics was ‘The Walking Dead’ Having wrapped the six-episode mini-season, Frank Darabont and company are currently hard at work on storylines for a larger second story arc. Series regulars Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Jon Bernthal (Shane) were part of a panel devoted to the show at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, and they ripped a few…. pieces of news.

Jon Bernthal (Shane) had this to say about his character:

“Shane screwed up pretty big at the end of the season. We’re gonna see a guy who is really, really lonely. It’s a different kind of loneliness. He’s with the people he loves and he can’t be with them the way he wants to. You will see the worst of him and the best of him in season two.”

He also went on to say:

“In this season, you’re going to see that these people are a lot more dangerous to each other than the zombies are.”

Laurie Holden also had some information on what direction her character, Andrea, is heading next season.

“The only reason Andrea left the CDC is because she didn’t want Dale’s blood on her hands. She has lost everything and has no love in her life and there will be a lot of resentment towards Dale in season two. Andrea will get stronger and find her feet. In the graphic novel she emerges as a warrior, so I’m excited for that. She may be a bit of a lone wolf in season two, just trying to find her feet.”

While fielding a question about whether executive producer Frank Darabont would be directing the second season’s premiere—the answer was no, by the by—Laurie Holden shifted giddily in her seat (at around 10:45) and said:

“I heard a rumor that Stephen King’s gonna write one.”

Whoa! While yet to be official, how’s that strike you? Short of getting George Romero to direct an episode, this is about as good as it gets, right?

As most of you know, I wasn’t really a big fan of some of the creative liberties taken with Robert Kirkman’s comic series. Shane should have died! Additional characters never should have been added. Nursing home shenanigans was a wasted episode filler and the goddamn finale at the CDC almost took away the shows horror/thriller appeal and put it into ‘LOST’ pseudo science thing. Regardless, Darabont and crew captured the endearing spirit of humans in a post-apocalyptic world. Season two will be a whole other level of drama.


Before I get to today’s Walking Dead update with comments by the cast and crew members, I’m going to put myself in front of the firing squad and say that I am not looking forward to season two (which won’t air till the fall). The AMC drama, based upon Robert Kirkman’s wildly popular comics about a small band of humans’ survival tactics against a nationwide zombie epidemic. The first season was well received. Reaching critical praise and strong ratings. It was well acted, well directed, very cinematic and DID successfully capture what the human spirit would be like during an actual zombie apocalypse. So where’s the complaint? It digressed from the source material. Significantly. New characters and new situations were added (Red necks, a gang that takes care of elderly at a nursing home, Finale at the Center of Disease Control.. etc). Ultimately, it was something different than what I had read in the comics. Was it better, was it worse? That’s up for debate, but it just wasn’t what I, or many fans had wanted. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Or, I’ll fling my poo at you. Know what I’m sayin’? Ya, I know when something is adapted its subject to interpretation. I’ve accepted that fact in many cases, but in this scenario it’s not goddamn right! Shooting page to screen would give AMC a better product. Period.

Anyway, it was with much hope that Frank Darabont and other creatives behind the show would put our post-apocalyptic survivors get back on the Kirkman track. They should be makin’ a quick stop to a farm (Hershel’s Farm) to pick new permanent members, deal with some shit, and head on down to the prison. Where a lot… like a lot happens. The latter, unfortunately, sounds like it’s far off, but from what I hear things are going to be a hell of a lot more sexier and violent along the way.

E ONLINE Recently conducted an interview with some of the cast and crew of the hit AMC show. Here’s what they had to say:

Laurie Holden Who plays Andrea was asked about where season two for the show would be heading:

“I know we’re going to arrive at Hershel’s Farm, which is a huge part of the next chapter of storytelling I think it’s going to get sexier and more violent.”

She was also asked if here characters relationship from the comics with the much older Dale, to which she replied with this:

“I think that’s definitely in the cards, I mean come on, it’s the end of the world.”

Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic series and executive producer of the show confirmed that some time will be spent at Hershal’s Farm during the second season as well as show the relationship between Glenn and Hershal’s daughter Maggie:

“Anyone who’s read the comic book knows Hershel has a daughter named Maggie, and Maggie has a relationship with Glenn. That’s something we’re probably gonna do…There will be romances here and there. It’s the end of the world, there’s not a lot to do. People are going to be hooking up from time to time. We’re gonna see some stuff like that in the second season”

When we asked who outside the core cast will return, Kirkman name-checked both  Morgan (Lennie James) and Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) but wouldn’t confirm they’d be back. “Those characters are in the wind and we want it to be a surprise if they return, so we’ll see,” he said

The character Shane played by Jon Bernthal has already out lived his comic book counterpart, who only lasted six issues in the comic series.

Kirkman had this to say about the character not meeting his demise, and how it will affect the story.

“Shane is now existing in stories from the comic book that he didn’t exist in before. Just by having Shane be alive changes everything about the comic. The Hershel storyline is something everybody likes—[there are a] lot of cool moments everybody wants to see. We’re gonna get to see little differences because Shane wasn’t there before and he changes the dynamic of the whole ensemble. It’s going to be really cool.”

So, there you have it. Much like the first season, some of what transpires in the comic will make it to the screen, but not without spacing things out with a bunch of unnecessary shit. I’ll watch, but again, it’s not what I want. Here’s to a whole season of screamin’ at the TV saying “That’s not what happens!”