Top Ten Stupid USB Devices


(Article by nerdbastards contributor Melissa Fouch Machowski)

Nerds and engineers are already a strange bunch but these creations are over the top stupid, even Louis Skolnick would find these devices odd.  Being an engineer and geek myself, I understand the allure of having a strange piece of hardware that is unique and not very practical, but these devices seem more appropriate for someone who does high school audio visual aids then the everyday geek.

1. Kindle – Oh to have the entire Chronicles of Narnia set right in your pocket at all times…the future is here, people. As every nerd knows, offers this little book reading device…but did you know the price just came down to $259!! Go now! Go add it to your wish list! And then come back and find out what else you want on your list for Santa this year…kindle

2. Retro Block iPod Speaker – Yes, this dorky little item will charm any nerd with a penchant for engineering. The little Lego-looking mini-dock requires no batteries! Oh, and joy of all joys…you can get in in regular or metallic! Available at

ipoddockLego…read more after the jump (more…)


Have you ever been sitting at your computer shivering non-stop because you are too lazy to get up and grab a blanket/sweat shirt?? Well, here’s one way to solve cold hands. Just order a Hamburger Mouse Pad, fully loaded with a USB and seconds as a hand warmer. And it only goes for a “whopper” of $14.00. Just don’t try to eat it; it doesn’t taste as good as it looks. Check out Gadget4All for purchasing info and check out Gizmodo where we found this little treasure.