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Above: Sorry for spoiling the final episode of Breaking Bad, but this is how it all ends. Walter White has is a Sith Lord and the last five seasons (according to PJ McQuade) have been leading up to this. Please don’t sue us AMC. [GeekTyrant]

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ITV Studios America and HDFILMS announced plans for a reimagining of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson‘s famed franchise of the 1970s, Space: 1999.

“Science fiction is a powerful format capable of visualizing the human condition in thought-provoking ways,”

said HDFilms president Jace Hall, who will spearhead the effort and serve as an executive producer.  The project is in the development phase and has yet to be shopped to networks.

“While we are indeed re-imagining the franchise and bringing something new and relevant to today’s audiences,”

continued Hall, who recently revived “V at ABC,

“I feel strongly that some of the overall tones set by the original Space: 1999 television show represent an exciting platform to explore possibilities.”

ITV Studios International’s managing director Paul Buccieri says,

“After more than 35 years, we are thrilled to be developing a new vision of our much beloved franchise for audiences worldwide. Historically, the Space: 1999 brand has entertained and fascinated millions of people.”

What do you NerdBastards out there think? Is this franchise ready for a reboot? BSG set a pretty high standard, think this series could make the grade?


What’s up bastards! It’s the first Tuesday for the month of November and while it is voting day for some folks, it’s DVD Tuesday here at NerdBastards. We list what came out today and either recommend if it’s either a BUY, RENT, or PASS. There’s two movies that came out today that might be some interest to y’all and one of them has the possibility to make you cry.

As always, we got the Old is New Again and TV Show DVD that are worth checking out. Also, we got not one, not two, but three Blu-Ray 3D release. Although all three are pretty much IMAX experience, you might find something you can use to show off the 3D. So what are you waiting for? Check what came out after the jump and see if there is something you want!