French science-fiction hasn’t had too much luck with international cinematic releases: from the gloriously jumbled mess that was the Fifth Element, all the way to the recent toss-up that was Immortelle, French science fiction comic books hasn’t managed to stick with audiences. It could be the large concentration of nudity, the weird approach they take toward implementing religion in their stories or just their shaky morality play, but this latest adaptation might actually stand a chance…


The Fifth Element is an incredibly awesome and extremely rare sci-fi/action movie in that it never got a sequel, a prequel, or became part of a trilogy. I don’t think there’s a hit genre movie that doesn’t stay a stand alone picture anymore. But, keeping The Fifth Element well alone means writer/director Luc Besson never returned to science fiction, and that’s a bummer.

Not anymore! Variety‘s reporting Besson is planning a, “sci-fi adventure about a space and time traveling special agent.” Or as the web’s been labeling the project, a Doctor Who/Jame Bond crossover because, y’know, it sounds apt. The film will be based on the Gallic comic book series, Valerian, and you can see a sample of the artwork above. Cinema Blend has summed it up as thus,

The comics center on the titular hero who is described by Booklist as “A little bit Dr. [sic] Who, a little bit James Bond.” With the help of his sassy sidekick, Laureline, Valerian takes on missions from the Galaxity organization, traveling through space and time in incredible adventures.

Give this guy anything he wants! I need to see this movie!

Unfortunately, there aren’t anymore details available because it’s unknown which arc of Valerion Besson is adapting. And it also looks like it might be a while before this project really gets rolling. Besson’s got a full schedule ahead of him what with work on his next feature, Malavita, which stars Robert De Niro and an untitled action-thriller shooting early next year with Angelina Jolie.

But it’s likely, possibly happening and I couldn’t be happier. Soo…who else is watching The Fifth Element tonight?