This Week in Video Games 10-06

I know this column is titled “This Week in Video Games,” even though it’ll be on a bi-weekly basis. Unfortunately, “These Past Two Weeks in Video Games” doesn’t have much of a ring to it; you’ll just have to deal with it until we come up with something better. This week, we take a look at the launch of GTA Online (is it running yet?), the Battlefield 4 beta launches, and Valve unveils its new hardware, and maybe even confirms a certain game we’ve all been waiting for?

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There’s some Half Life 3 shenanigans going on over at Valve, some goings-on and flipery-dippery-doings. Yeah, I don’t really know what that means either, but I do know that a resourceful fan of the gaming forum, NeoGAF dug up confirmation that Valve has trademarked Half Life 3 for European markets.

This is just the latest in a series of Half Life 3 tidbits that are all pointing toward Valve finally bringing the third installment of Gordon Freeman’s Odyssey to save humanity to gamers everywhere.

Don’t forget that Valve is working on a box system of hardware to compete with other gaming consoles. What better way to promote the debut of that system then have one of the most requested and anticipated video games of all time as the flag-ship game for that new system.

The storm is gathering, whether we’ll actually get some Half Life rain this time around is still uncertain, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and Valve is puffing like Snoop Lion at a concert back stage.

What do you think? Is it finally going to happen? Will it, could it possibly live up to all the Internet hype and expectations?

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Valve has been hinting at making a move into the gaming console department, as an alternative to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and this past week, they made an official announcement. Along with a console, the Steam Machine, they’ve also announced that they will be releasing a unique controller, and SteamOS, an operating system geared toward gaming.

A lot of people have been waiting for this console announcement, and it can be a game-changing alternative to those who aren’t necessarily PC gamers, but are sick of some of the shenanigans that come with Microsoft and Sony. Not a whole lot has been revealed about the Steam Machine just yet, but it has been said that there will be different versions of the console, at varying prices.

The console will come equipped with SteamOS, Valve’s new operating system that will be designed specifically for gaming. The Linux based operating system will also be free to download on any other PC, and will also allow users to stream games that are only available on Windows and Mac through the Steam Machine.

To accompany its Steam Machine, Valve’s Steam Controller is also set to make its debut. So far, it’s the one thing we actually have a picture and while the controller’s unorthodox design brings up a lot of questions, I’m intrigued to see how it works. The controller lacks the face buttons that we’re used to, save for a handful around the center touch screen, and has replaced the mainstream joysticks with clickable track pads, in addition to a few underside and shoulder buttons. For those who just aren’t interested in playing games on a console-television set up, the controller will be supported for Steam on other PCs.

I’m not a PC gamer, but I’m really looking forward to learning more about the Steam Machine and how it stacks up against the PS4 and the Xbone. I haven’t been all that impressed with either of the Next-Gen consoles, but maybe Valve can give me and the other “console gamers” another reason to make the move over to Steam.


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abrams newell

He’s already got himself elbow-deep in the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, but apparently even that isn’t enough for the soon-to-be legendary geek-lord J.J. Abrams.  Since he’s got so much time on his hands, he decided that a venture into the world of video games and video game movies might be just the thing.  According to a report by Wired, Abrams’ production studio Bad Robot will be teaming up with Valve in the near future.

The two had a few telling things to say while speaking at the recent DICE Summit.  According to Abrams:

There’s an idea we have for a game that we’d like to work with Valve on.

And according to Valve bigwig, Gabe Newell:

We’re going to figure out if we can make a Portal movie or Half-Life movie together.

So it seems that the two see eye to eye on the inherit connections between video game and movie storytelling.  What’s more, they look willing to put their money where their mouths are.  With this pair working together, audiences may see some actual good video game movies in the future.

Of course, it might be a while if Abrams wants to keep that Disney-imposed Star Wars release date of 2015.


Thanks to Wired for the heads-up.

Fans of the The Walking Dead have been witness to some new faces and shocking conclusions this season – and we’ve only just crossed the halfway point. Seeing as how the series has diverted from the comics there are some notable differences, but one fan favorite from the comics will be making his way to AMC.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Robert Kirkman teased the introduction of this new but already well-known character, saying:

“There’s a new character added. A big deal fan favorite from the comic book is introduced into the show in this episode, so be on the lookout for that,”

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Yesterday we shared the exciting news that Valve would be releasing new Portal 2 DLC allowing players to easily create their own test chambers. Today, Cave Johnson, president of Aperture Science, released a video explaining all about the new Perpetual Testing Initiative.

What a sad little octopus. At least that octopus won’t have to suffer through what I’m sure will be the agonizing test chambers soon to be created. The DLC will be available via Steam for PC and Mac on May 8th.

All right, start planning now. It’s all for science…you monsters.

Source: Kotaku

If you haven’t yet tried your hand at the Portal games, you’re missing out some of the most fun and ingenious gaming around. Portal and its even better sequel, Portal 2 are basically first person puzzle games, yet so much more. With a captivating and at times hilarious mystery you can only survive if you can solve all of Aperture’s test chambers. Now, if you have played Portal you know how frustrating some chambers can be. So much so you might say, hurl your controller across the room while you curse Wheatley’s name. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything.


On May 8th you to can create your own impossibly hard levels within Aperture with Valve‘s official Portal 2 level creator called the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Sadly, and I’m saying this as someone who plays on the Xbox, the creator is only available via Steam for PC and Mac. But it sounds so cool I think I’ll be checking it out anyway.

Valve says you’ll be able to “easily create, share, and play Portal 2 puzzles” with the new DLC, which lets you publish maps directly to Steam. Other players will be able to browse, vote, and download user-created maps to play in their own versions of the game.

What kind of evil puzzles will you think up? I imagine it would have to involve lots of turrets and maybe a few lasers thrown in to add some deadly circumstances.

Source: Kotaku

The cake may be a lie, but now you can get your own Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device by NECA. NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) is producing full scale Valve Portal Gun replicas complete with orange (and/or)? blue lights, but we’re not sure about any sounds it might make at this time. Now you can have those late night Portal Gun versus Light-saber duels. 

Here are the stats:

1/1 Scale Portal Gun

Manufacturer: NECA
Scale: 1/1
Original: Valve Portal
Release Date  : Apr (Feb. 6, Pre-order start.)
Regular Price : 15,239 yen about 199.12 USD
Sales Price : 12,953 yen about 169.26 USD

Hobby Search is taking pre-orders so reserve yours today!



holy fuck-oly. I never thought a Portal fan-film would make me cry, but it just happened. I totally wept bitch tears at YouTube user ‘s amazing stop-motion-animation video inspired by Portals “lab rat”.

Mixing 3D, Live-Action and Stop-Motion all to the tune of “Exile, Vilify” by The National, Faceofdoomness crafts a somber tale of loneliness, madness, unrealized love, sacrifice and redemption. It almost tells the story (the comic, Portal 2: Lab rat) better than the comic. Truly, it’s full of emotion, absolutely beautiful, and a reminder of the lack of skills I possess.

“Rat Man”, a lab worker at Aperture Science with a history of schizophrenia, who survives GLaDOS’ attempt to murder every employee in the Aperture Science facility when she is first turned on. Sneaking through the facility, he creates murals and scrawlings that guide Chell in both games.

Brett Driver obviously has a Nerd Boner for Valve’s Left 4 Dead video game, but then who among us doesn’t? Well it seems Brett took the power of his forbidden love and turned it into this delightful Fan Film Teaser. Watch it and you’ll find yourself polishing your shotgun, day dreaming about zombie filled days and escapes just a couple of blocks away. You can make it that far, there’s only about half a million zombies out there between you and safety. Go ahead. You can do it, besides, the restart button is only a mouse click away.