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Most know Sam Mendes as being the guy who directed such excellent and stylistic films as American Beauty and Road to Perdition.  And many more know him from his recent work on the latest Bond film, Skyfall.  Now, it looks like he and his Bond-scriptwriter buddy, John Logan will be working together on something new – a television series about vampire hunters.

The story, as it is known thus far, will be set in 1800s London and will have a cast consisting of literary characters like Van Helsing and Doctor Frankenstein.  Together, these fictional bad-asses will hunt down and smite vampires.  And that’s about all we get for now.

The duo are aiming for a premium cable network to take on the show, which means audiences will be graced with the all glorious blood, guts and (perhaps most importantly) boobies that usually characterize such networks

I’ve always been a fan of Mendes and am really looking forward to seeing what he does with this opportunity.  It could be some great potential goodness for the horror genre and the start of another new series worth tuning into each week.


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We’ve got another one for the Marvel anime series. I haven’t even given any of them a chance because they all look like garbage compared to the good stuff we had in the early 1990s.

Blade is the up and coming Marvel anime series, where Blade, the vampire hunter, kills vampires with swords. True story. The dubbed version will be premiered this Friday on G4; the 12-episode series was aired in Japan over the past summer.

Check out a clip from the first episode below:

Source: Topless Robot

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Using CliffsNotes is SO 1982; everyone knows that today’s cool kids get their fix of English lit and history by reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Soon, though, you won’t even have to read those — you can just watch the movies. And Abe, especially, will be “epic,” according to the director.

Wait, it will be more than epic. It will be an “epic history lesson.” You know. With vampires. Look what director Timur Blackmambatov told Empire magazine:

It is not a comedy at all – it is a very entertaining, epic history lesson for millions and millions of teenagers.

History lesson. Huh. Ok, then.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter the movie is slated for a 2011 release. The film version of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, directed by David O. Russell and starring Natalie Portman, also will be released next year.

Source: Empire magazine, via FilmDrunk