Variety found out this morning that being prepared for a celebrity death is one thing, but pulling the trigger on a celebrity death notice is quite a different fish. Most big news agencies have them, prepared obituaries of celebrities, world leaders, and other notables that are refreshed every now and then with new information so that when the unfortunate occurs, they can jump right into the news cycle without a lot of rushed research. Yesterday afternoon something happened over at Variety that caused the posting of an obituary for director Terry Gilliam, most famously part of the Monty Python Flying Circus comedy group. Hilarity ensued. (more…)


Last spring, as the networks were preparing their fall shows, there was an announcement that ABC was working on a spin-off for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that would focus on the Moonlighting-esque solo adventures of Bobbi ‘Mockingbird’ Morse (Adrianne Palicki) and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood). When the fall schedule was announced, this new show was not a part of it, and it was widely assumed that the renewal of Agent Carter might have had something to so with that. But since everything old is new again in Hollywood, it sounds like the spin-off is back on, only don’t call it a spin-off. It’s a continuation of their story, you see. (more…)


The ever-expanding series of TV shows based on DC Comics characters offers more chances than ever for crossovers. Characters from Arrow and The Flash have been making the “cross-country” trip (not really because they both shoot in Vancouver) between Starling City and Central City all year, and last week Arrow star Stephen Amell pledged to Arrow-up Constantine should that series be saved by another network, cable channel, or streaming service. With Gotham and iZombie unlikely crossover partners, that leaves CBS’ Supergirl as a potential team member, but what are the odds that we’ll be seeing either Arrow or Flash on that show? Well, it seems like a Hollywood trade publication is teasing the possibility. (more…)


Way back in 1989, when Jack Nicholson was cast as The Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman, the idea of a seriously huge Hollywood star playing a comic book villain in some silly comic book movie seemed a bit out there. Of course, it had been done before. Marlon Brando played Jor-El in Superman the Movie, which also featured another established star, Gene Hackman, as Lex Luthor, but Nicholson was something else altogether: Hollywood royalty. Now it’s not so uncommon. You had Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and up next you’ll have Michael Douglas in Ant-Man. But is the comic book movie business perhaps due for a McConaissance? According to the actor, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. (more…)


Remember, when the Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm, they didn’t just acquire the potential bank of all future Star Wars project, but also the potential future of one Indiana Jones. Although the focus has been on Star Wars, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from grinding out nuggets about Indy, everything from the suggestion that Harrison Ford only came back to Star Wars for Indy to the idea that a reboot is already in the works. Rumors aside, Disney’s been very busy getting its Star Wars empire in order, which suggests that they’ve maybe been too busy to give Indiana Jones it’s fair shake, and when you take into account all aspects of the Disney empire, from Marvel to Pixar, we’re talking about an embarrassment of riches. Now, on the record, a Disney exec notes where Indiana Jones is in the list of priorities. (more…)


The artist formally known as Harry Potter continues to try new things on stage and on screen as Variety is reporting today that Daniel Radcliffe was signed up to join a new production of Frankenstein, but not as either the monster or the titular doctor. Instead, Radcliffe will play Igor in the new film written by Max Landis (World War Z) and directed by Paul McGuigan (Lucky Number Slevin).

So why Igor? As Landis explained in an earlier interview in 2011, Igor is actually the main character in his Frankenstein. Here’s what Landis had to say about his approach to the material:

I began to pick apart our knowledge of Frankenstein and discovered that the public’s idea of this myth comes from a million different places…I became committed to recontextualizing it all so it all worked in one story. By the end of the day, yeah it’s a period piece, yes it’s from Igor’s perspective, but man it’s cool….it’s the best thing I’ve written.

Landis’ Frankenstein is set-up at 20th Century Fox and is expected to begin shooting this fall after Radcliffe finishes his run in the theatrical Cripple of Inishmaan.

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Source: /Film

Disney’s Maleficent, a live-action take on the villainess from the animated 1959 movie Sleeping Beauty, is currently in post-production and getting ready for release next year. Meanwhile, Maleficent director Robert Stromberg is looking to the future and his follow-up project.

According to Variety, Stromberg will be making a film called Safari as his sophomore effort. The trade publication pitches Safari as, “Jurassic Park meets Avatar,” which conjures up an image of some planet somewhere where dinosaurs still run wild and free, until some evil corporation shows up and makes it a pen where rich bastards can pay to hunt them. Anyway, it’s got possibility.

The announcement of the film accompanied the official launch of Hydra Entertainment, a “development studio focused on producing live-action and CG movies.” Safari will be one of its first productions.

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Source: Cinema Blend

*Yes, this headline should be read sarcastically.

You’ll remember that post X-Men in 2000, a lot of production companies started buying up comic book properties in the hops of spinning newsprint into celluloid gold. Could we be looking at something similar happening now post-Avengers?

Exhibit A: Adi Shankar‘s 1984 Private Defense Contractors production company has bought the film rights to Rob Liefeld’s Bloodstrike, one of numerous titles Liefeld co-created under his Extreme Comics shingle at Image Comics in the mid-90s. Shankar and Liefeld will produce the film with Liefeld’s manager Brooklyn Weaver.

For those without long memories, Bloodstrike was about a top-secret government squad of super-powered assassins who are recruited after death and revived by Project: Born Again. But it seems that Liefeld is intent on adding a financially friendly twist on the team with its transfer to the big screen, according to Variety. This Bloodstrike will be “aimed at creating a franchise appeal, focuses on a Bloodstrike unit consisting of a team of super-soldiers who have secretly been imbued with vampire blood — making them an elite strike force feared by all enemies.”

Never let it be said that Liefeld doesn’t know the best way to pander to make a buck.

What are the odds of seeing a Bloodstrike film sometime soon? Well, Shankar’s for a proven track record: he’s the producer behind the all-female :Expendables” concept, he co-financed The Grey, Marc Forster’s Machine Gun Preacher and Andrew Dominik’s upcoming Killing Them Softly starring Brad Pitt. So the man means business. Now we see if Liefeld can deliver.

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