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In addition to interviewing the creators and a couple cast members from Rick and Morty while at San Deigo Comic-Con, I also had the opportunity to sit down with Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer of The Venture Bros. The always dapper pair were there promoting the upcoming season of their Adult Swim show, which can be succinctly described as Johnny Quest all grown up, but in reality is so, so much more. (more…)


It’s quickly become a yearly tradition at Dragon Con and it’s an event I never miss: the official Venture Bros. party and costume contest hosted by Venture Bros. Blog. In years prior the party was always hosted in the Pulse Lounge which overlooks the Marriott lobby, but this year due to growing size and demand the party was moved to its own room in the bowels of the Hyatt. It sure made the party harder to find, and there was some outrage over being forced to lineup as if the party was a panel, but once inside (and once the bar showed up) tempers were calmed and everyone got down to business. I mean partying, everyone got down to partying.


Having more space definitely allowed for the party to get wilder than when we were all cramped in the Pulse Lounge, and since it wasn’t out in the open there weren’t any confused congoers wandering in and wondering what’s up with all the butterfly suits. The lights were turned down low and with music provided by black Sunshine the atmosphere was perfect for a party. And since we were tucked away in our own room there were “bouncers” managing who entered in order to keep the room from exceeding capacity. Something I completely understand and appreciate, but what I didn’t appreciate was the fact if I left the room to use the bathroom (which after a few drinks did become a necessity) I’d have to then stand in line and wait to get back in. Eventually, after frequently popping my head out to bug those watching the door if I could just run to the bathroom, I was allowed a quick potty break and reentry without having to stand in line. But still, I shouldn’t have had to press this issue as much as I did.


All right, so there were some growing pains this year, but it in no way hindered the fun as I still had an absolute blast at the party. And even with the low lighting I managed to snag plenty of cosplay pics. Here’s what I grabbed during the party,


Last Night at Dragon Con… Day One

So, last night, at Dragon Con…

Well actually, before I get into last night, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact folks were already wearing stellar costumes like this,


And this,


And partying like this,

On Thursday night when Dragon Con hadn’t even officially begun!There’s so much happening at Dragon Con not even the four days the convention has allowed for can contain it. The party has been spilling over into Thursday evening for years now, but this Thursday easily had the largest crowd I’ve seen ringing in Dragon Con New Year’s.

Yes, Dragon Con New Year’s; a countdown to midnight celebrating the official start of Dragon Con.

Now that the con has officially started the real top notch cosplay has begun coming out. In the slideshow below I’ve included a few of my favorites from the first day of the con as just a tease of what’s going on,

Plenty more to come, too, what with the parade and the massive DC and Marvel photoshoots!



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On with the dump!

Above: We’ve seen Man of Steel on the big screen… maybe Warner Bros should think about reintroducing his cousin to movie audiences. Artist Froitz updated Supergirl’s costume to fit the current Kryptonian look, and it looks pretty damn sweet. [XombieDIRGE]

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Rusty Venture lives a pretty miserable life. Raised by an asshole of a father whose living memory overshadows his son in every way. Made to feel worthless for not living up to his father’s accomplishments, or hell, having any admirable accomplishments of his own. Given a life he didn’t ask for where he’s constantly attacked or kidnapped by super villains. Stuck raising two teenage boys. It’s not been easy for Rusty, and while he’s in no way inexcusable for the wreck of a life he leads, you do find yourself feeling sorry for the guy. And then there’s Spanakopita!, a yearly festival on the Greek island of Spanakopas, and the one time of year Rusty is actually happy.

Too bad, like anything good in his life, it’s all a sham.

To start with, spanakopita is a Greek spinach pie, not a festival or holiday at all. I doubt the island is even called Spanakopas, but to Rusty it’s the best vacation he’s ever had. It all began when he was a boy traveling to Greece with his father who, along with the original Team Venture, was attending the wedding of Jackie Kennedy, later Jackie Kennedy Onassis. When the former First Lady is abducted by L. Ron Hubbard it’s Team Venture to the rescue, all the while Rusty is accidentally kidnapped by some Greek fisherman down on their luck and looking to loot rich Americans’ yachts. Once discovered, the Greeks decide to ransom Rusty for even more money, and while awaiting the exchange they create the Spanakopita! festival to cheer up sad, afraid, little Rusty. There’s racing with goats, and sponge diving, and lifting little Rusty in the air while he’s tied to a chair. Y’know, all those traditional Greek customs.

Years later as an adult, Rusty returns to Spanakopas on the weekend he believes to be the festival, Spanakopita!, and seeing what a sad, pathetic, depressed man he’s grown into, the town continues to treat Rusty to the Spanakopita! of his youth. All while extorting him for outrageous sums of money, but hey, you get what you pay for, and can you really put too high a price on happiness?

Note: You should be yelling Spanakopita! out loud every time I type it for full effect.



In what could have been S.P.H.I.N.X’s – from here on out referred to as SPHINX because if I ain’t typing S.H.I.E.L.D. I sure as hell ain’t typing S.P.H.I.N.X. – return to glory, “SPHINX Rising” signals the end of the illustrious organization. Originally the weekly adversaries of O.S.I., the COBRA to their G.I. Joe if you will, the SPHINX that appeared on The Venture Bros. wasn’t the original SPHINX at all, but rather the cover operation for ex-OSI agents like Brock and Shore Leave, fighting the villains even OSI couldn’t touch. That was until Colonel Gather’s reinstated all those ex-OSI agents and they up and left SPHINX headquarters, currently adjacent to the Venture Compound, in the hands of Gary.

Y’know, Gary? Henchmen 21 who when his faithful buddie, 24, was killed in action became the ultimate henchmen only to later leave The Monarch, join SPHINX, and in Brock, Shore Leave, and Mile High’s absence become the sole member of SPHINX. He’s a man without a mission, that is, until he decides to continue the work of SPHINX and become a one man crusade on crime. Except he’s terrible. I mean really awful. In his first mission he manages to completely blow a covert operation of OSI’s by killing two of the four guys in Long Division’s gang. The two who weren’t Brock and Shore Leave undercover.



In the wake of Dr. Venture’s failures, heroes arise to clean up the mess. Last week it was the unlikely team of Billy Quizboy, former henchmen Gary, and Dean. In “Venture Libre“, Hank again becomes The Bat, and proves that with properly caffeinated fuel this could be Hank’s true calling. Dean, too, may have found his true calling, but after telling his father to basically, fuck off, he’s left to discover this on his own. Mix in some heavy influence from The Island of Dr. Moreau, Guevara-like revolutionary politics, and the return Venturestein and it’s a solid second outing for The Venture Bros.‘ fifth season.

The government’s come a calling because one of their operatives in South America’s gone A.W.O.L. and the only one he’ll answer to is his father, Rusty Venture. Last seen in “¡Viva los Muertos!”, Venturestein’s since learned how to make more good diction, make bed, and kill. (Syntax not so much.) He’s also learned about Ché Guevera and his revolutionary tactics from Jorge, the little shoe boy from father teach films. Armed with such knowledge Venturestien intends to create a new nation, Abomi-Nation, where all freakish experiments can come and live in peace. With his military group, U.R.G.H., United Repressed Grotesque Humanity, Venturestein will liberate all those unfortunate souls abused by super scientists and their bad hurt science. This is all well and good until Rusty, Sgt. Hatred, and Hank – Dean in his continued rebellion chooses to sit this adventure out because he is so over this shit – are sent by General Manhowers to end Venturestein and his revolution.



Each and every week we scour the Internet for nothing but the best in nerdy art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every nook and cranny of the Interwebz. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly feed of nerd art.

On with the dump!

Above: With Matt Smith about to bow out of Doctor Who, Zzoha and other artists offer a send off. Featured as part of a Doctor Who Fan book, the above is a trippy adventure between the Doctor and Clara. [Deviant Art]

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The agonizingly long wait of 2+ years without any new Venture Bros., besides a few short specials, has finally ended. Last night, while many of you were inconsolable and grieving over Game of Thrones, Season 5 premiered with “What Color is Your Cleansuit?“, an episode highlighting not only Dr. Venture’s continued incompetence, but the heroes who arise to clean up his mess. Tuning in though, it sure doesn’t feel like two years have passed at the Venture Compound as this episode’s events pick up basically where Season 4’s finale, “Operation P.R.O.M.”, ended.

Brock searches the wreck that may have claimed Molotov’s life, but with no trace of a body it seems obvious she’s still alive. Dean arrives home after a disheartening and disastrous attempt to earn Triana’s love by burning her name in giant fiery letters on her lawn, where Hank and Dermot left him. Hatred returns with Princess Tiny Feet only to learn The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch kidnapped her during a BDSM session with her new lover. Speaking of The Monarch and the Mrs., they get home and The Monarch insists on waiting outside for 21, sure that his most faithful henchmen is returning to work on the next step in the plan to ruin Dr. Venture. But 21, just Gary now, is off on his own having joined S.P.H.I.N.X only to have them leave him when Brock, Shore Leave, and the guys go back to O.S.I. since Colonel Gathers was put in charge after Colonel Treister shot himself into space like a torpedo. And Doc? He’s awoken by a call from his brother reminding him of the ray shield he’s supposed to deliver to the space station, Gargantua-2, in a only a few months time. Oh, and the prostitute who’s was actually one of Molotov’s Black Hearts in disguise woke up as a mutant fly creature. Whether that transformation happened before or after Doc slept with her, well, we’ll never know.



Earlier in the week I made a crack about The Venture Bros. having more characters than Game of Thrones. And dammit, they do! They have more characters than any cartoon has right to, but I wouldn’t wish for single one to be cut. The world created by Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer easily rivals the depth and richness of Westeros, except there are no winners and everyone’s an utter failure.

The show’s littered with washed-up heroes, vengeful but incompetent villains, and former child adventurers gone mad. Drawing inspiration from Johnny Quest, comic book superheroes, to any and all 70s pop culture references, The Venture Bros. features a vibrant world with dozens of insanely, colorful characters. Here, I’ve gathered what I consider to be ten of the best “other” characters from the show. Not the boys, or Brock, or The Monarch. Not even Molotov Cocktease or Shore Leave made the list. And not because they aren’t great characters, they’re two of the best, but because I wanted to showcase those one-offs or rarely recurring characters who add that special ingredient to an already robust cast.