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‘Veronica Mars’ Gets a Spin-Off Show

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For all those Veronica Mars fans that were giddy when the long-cancelled television series finally got its chance to hit the big screen, we’ve got some good news. It looks like the powers-that-be have begun to see the dollar potential in this old property. They’re not renewing the show, nor is there any word on whether the movie will end up getting a sequel. What they are doing, however, is producing a spin-off series via the CW. (more…)


Me and Veronica Mars used to be friends, a long time ago, but I… would be lying if I said that I hadn’t thought of her lately at all.

For the last year, the campaign has been the story. Rob Thomas did the impossible, resurrecting Veronica Mars — his long-cancelled and cult-adored teen-PI television series — with the help of series star Kristen Bell, the majority of the original cast, Warner Bros, and 91,585 fans on Kickstarter, who shelled out $5,702,153 (far exceeding the campaign’s $2 million dollar goal) to make this all happen.

In that time, some have debated the morality of what they perceive to be a big studio essentially begging for charity while fans of other shuttered TV shows swelled up with envy before pondering whether their beloved shows might return in the same magical way. Veronica Mars fans? They’ve been over in the corner plotzing and counting down the days until Veronica Mars: The Movie got its release date, rendering this glorious year of anticipation and all the frustrating and rumor filled years that preceded it as nothing more than prologue.

So, now that we’re here, where are we?  (more…)


It seems like only yesterday that the Veronica Mars fan-base so frantically donated to Kickstarter that writer/director Rob Thomas managed to exceed his fundraising goal for a movie based on his beloved cult series in a mere 10 hours. Actually, it was a year ago, and next week the actual film resulting from that record-smashing crowd-sourcing effort will premiere at South By Southwest before heading to theaters and VOD. But wait, you’re the kind of fan that just can’t occupy yourself for another couple of weeks? You want your Veronica Mars now, you say? How about the first 2 minutes and 17 seconds of the film? Scroll on down… (more…)

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When a Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie first went up, many people might not have believed it would become so incredibly popular. They raked in way more than they were hoping for and the movie when right into production. With just three weeks to go, fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the release of the flick. Now, it looks like there will even be a chance for us to see it on the genuine big screen if we see fit. (more…)

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After much Kickstarter success, the folks behind the Veronica Mars television series finally made both their dreams and the dreams of countless fans come true by putting together a movie.  It’s been filming, it’s been finished and now it’s time to check out what they’ve managed to come up with.  We’ve seen some footage previously, but this is the first OFFICIAL trailer for the flick.  So feel free to act very official while watching it. (more…)

iZOMBIE to Become Next DC Book on The CW?


If this keeps up, The CW may have to change its network initials to “DC.” Already enjoying success with Arrow, which is soon to spin-off The Flash and is now currently plugging away on an Hourman series, the netlet is looking to add a new series based on the Vertigo imprint comic iZOMBIE. And as an unexpected bonus, it’s being adapted by some very fan friendly writers. (more…)

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Veronica Mars fans certainly know by now that, thanks to the magic Kickstarter, there’s a movie in development.  Put together by series creator Rob Thomas, they met their goal and production is in full swing with a release planned for sometime in 2014.  Now folks, you get to see what they’re putting together thus far in a new featurette.  Check out a ten-years-older Mars as she returns to do more of what she does, along with some behind the scenes type stuff, in the video below: (more…)


The best parts of Comic Con usually require varying combinations of patience, planning and persistence. A little luck goes a long way too. Using a little bit of all of those, I found myself on a very short list of people admitted into (and allowed to photograph) the Veronica Mars after party on Friday night.

A few days ago, I was fortunate enough to receive a mass invitation to Samsung’s Veronica Mars after party. It promised that some of the cast and creators would be on hand, celebrating the successful Kickstarter campaign that funded a feature film (to be released in 2014).

After a Hall H panel and a fan gathering for those who contributed to the Kickstarter, the cast (including Kristen Bell, Ryan Hansen, Chris Lowell, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring and show creator Rob Thomas) made their way to the Samsung Galaxy Experience on 6th Avenue.

The Samsung lounge is a cool area showcasing their latest technology with some fun applications on those gadgets. To order drinks at the bar, you had to navigate through pictures of cocktails on display phones and send your request to the bartender. While that didn’t really seem any easier than just asking a bartender for a drink, I won’t complain if the booze is free.

After about 45 minutes of waiting around and texting pictures of margaritas to the bartender, I got a little bored and wandered toward the front door. It turned out to be perfect timing since that was the exact moment the cast arrived. People were ushered toward the back of the lounge while the two staff photographers moved into position at the red carpet. I stood as close to the main photographer as I could and started fiddling with my camera, trying to look like I belonged there. Kristen Bell walked over and started fielding questions, and no one ever asked me to leave. One staff person did ask if I was with a media outlet or just a fan to which I replied “I’m with Nerd Bastards.” It was as simple as that.

[Editor’s Note: See? Say our name, and you’ll get results. Hit the jump for Shawn’s full gallery of images from Samsung’s Veronica Mars after party red carpet. And if you haven’t already, read up on what went down at their panel and watch the latest trailer for the Veronica Mars movie!]


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The creator (Rob Thomas), star (Kristen Bell), and others cast members of the Veronica Mars movie, thanks to a Kickstarter that went viral and was fully funded ($2 Million) in 10 hours, held their SDCC 2013 panel in the infamous Hall H. They brought along a great video that laid out the Kickstarter campaign, some on set shenanigans, and the first trailer for the movie. There’s even some of the premium Kickstarter fund-ers on set to take their place in Veronica Mars history. Make sure you watch it through to the end, it’s worth it

During the panel there were a lot of questions about the Kickstarter campaign. When asked about his big dreams for Veronica Mars, Thomas said:

I want this to be a franchise, I hope we make a ton of money on this movie, and we get to do it through the normal channels. If we’re a huge hit, I’m not sure Kickstarter is meant to fund huge hits.

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think about the project. Will you be buying a theater ticket?

Via: The Atlantic Wire

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Veronica Mars is one of those geek dream stories, where the fans get a return to the world and characters that they love via the magic of Kickstarter.  And with more than $5.5 million pledged, it’s bound to be a decent run at it.  But, many may be asking, is it going to retain all those elements that people grew to love about the show?

At the Veronica Mars San Diego Comic Con panel, star Kristen Bell and director/creative mind behind the series, Rob Thomas, stood in front of fans and told them not to worry, that the movie they’re making will leave fans proud of their donations.  They also made it a point to say that the movie will also be accessible to non-Veronica Mars junkies, thus inviting a new generation to take part.  And, of course, the lucky SDCC crowd got to view a trailer of what’s coming.

We here at Nerd Bastards, unfortunately, do not have that to show you, though you can probably expect it to hit Internet-land before too long.  It’s just a few days before they wrap up filming and post-production begins, so I’m sure we’ll see footage coming at us in the next week or so.


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