Friday night were the 10th annual Video Game Awards, hosted by Samuel L. Jackson on Spike. The night’s big winner was The Walking Dead: The Game from Telltale Games, who also took home Studio of the Year. See a full list of the winners below the cut.

But even more important than the night’s winners are the world premiere trailers revealed at the show. Compiled here are trailers for BioShock InfiniteTomb RaiderThe Last of UsSouth Park: The Stick of TruthDark Souls IIHalo 4: Spartan OpsGears of War: JudgmentAssassin’s Creed III: The Tyranny of King WashingtonCastlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and The Phantom Pain.

More trailers below!


The 2011 Video Game Awards aired last night on Spike. It only took two years, but they’ve gone and turned into MTV. Flashy, scripted, pompous; a marketing machine masked as an awards show. And what the hell was Charlie Sheen doing there? The show was less about the awards themselves, more of a “look what’s next” showcase. This isn’t to say host Zachary Levi wasn’t charming and funny, which he was; getting tea bagged by a COD solider was the balls (literally and figuratively). Or seeing Felicia Day slice real fruit with ninja sword for charity wasn’t amusing and HAWT. Or that the awards for best character and game of the year weren’t justified; Joker from Arkham City and Skyrim where the right choices. The problem? It didn’t feel like a celebration for games and it’s creators. It was was all procedural and superficial. The whole night was just a big commercial for upcoming titles. Eh, I guess it is what it is. So…the trailers were plentiful. And I’ll admit, most were epic. I’m still hard from the Diablo III and Metal Gear Rising previews.

For your viewing please, NB rounded up all the exclusive trailers from last nights VGA’s. Enjoy.