video game commercials

Aubrey Plaza WoW Commercial

Her snarky attitude has made Aubrey a fantastic character on Parks and Recreation. Her “Princess” on the webisodes Troopers makes me giggle, a grown man giggling, it’s damn embarrassing I tell ya. Yeah, They may all be the same character, but she does that “Hipster, hate everything, cute girl” so well.

Forget Chuck Norris, this commercial will generate another wave of of girl gamers that will make your damn sandwich, then kick your ass in game while eating it.





The video below has got to be one of the best ads for the Batman: Arkham City video game that this NerdBastard has seen to date. Video games are more than just you and the game, it’s about the friends you enjoy playing games with, or better yet, tormenting said friends about how bad they are at those games.

Who’s more Batman in your video gaming circle?