video game music

Youtube channel Random Encounters Entertainment, brings the internet a new video that is sure to have you singing and bopping your head all night long. Pac-Man: The Musical, ‘A Pacpella Song’, brings us a quirky look at our four favorite ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Their ravenous appetite for Pac-Man is explained with creative lyrics, and an addictive tune. The claymation is also an interesting and raw way to portray the Pac-Man and his nemesis’s, but overall gives it a light and funny feel.  Watch the video below:

Random Encounters Entertainment does not only have this wonderful little treasure of awesome music video goodness, they also have the following videos you should also take a look at:

Ocarina of Rhyme

We can all pretty much agree that video game music rapes almost all other music. But when video game music shoots it’s sweet load deep into the cervix of rap… the bastard child that springs forth will rule this world. And its name shall be Ocarina of Rhyme. (more…)