Video Mash-ups


You got Dead Island in my Shaun of the Dead!

Is there anyway to make the chilling Dead Island trailer slightly comical? Do you think it’s possible to put a heart-wrenching spin on the zom-rom-com, Shaun of the Dead? Leave it to Youtube and you shall recieve.

Dan Bull took the climatic zombie bar brawl from Shaun of the Dead, mixed in Dead Island‘s haunting piano, plus slowed everything waaaaay down, and voila! You’ve got a backwards tale about a group of friends stuck in a pub during zom-pocalypse, who they lose and who survives. It makes you consider Shaun differently, and turns the already sad scene of Shaun’s mother’s turning and eventual death into something truly tragic. I’m starting to sniffle a little just typing this. Nah, not really, heart of stone, that’s me. At least when it comes to zombies.

What is kind of funny is seeing the annoying David get put back together by a pack of zombies, like a teddy bear whose lost his stuffing. Watch the clever video below and maybe pull out your copy of Shaun of the Dead for a viewing. I know you own it. It’s only one of the best zombie movies of the last ten years.

source: Blastr


The internet provides us many things that range from cute puppy videos to awesome beat down clips and of course, videos of girls and their lovely boobs bouncing. The internet also provides us some great mash-up videos here and there and today I found one that just feels right.

JimLad decided to mash both Super Mario Galaxy game play video and Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now together and the video below is what came out of it. Check the video out as it’s well made and it also gives you another reason to listen to Don’t Stop Me Now.

Source: Dorkly

Princess Leia vs. Ace Ventura


I wonder about a lot of things. Like today for example, I thought: Why do bathroom stall doors push open as opposed to pull open? Honestly, how  is anyone besides a smurf and Warwick Davis supposed to get out? I also wondered who would win in a fight, Ace Ventura or Princess Leia? Yep, these are the kinda things I think about. I’m a weird guy. Well, lucky for me the latter has actually presented itself. In a short, but funny youtube video, user OneMinuteGalactica brings to our awareness another lesser known,  but just as important battle on Endor. One involving a man and his monkey vs. a woman and her monkey.

Is Star Wars and Ace Venture good thinking? Well, that’s for you to decides. Regardless, I think we can all agree that “3 darts is too much”.

Scott Pilgrim The Last Airbender Mashup


(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

OK, while the Scott Pilgrim mashups should be long dead and gone, like $10 million dollars gone, it’s still creating more mashups. With the latest incarnation into life comes “Scott Pilgrim: The Last Air Bender”. Oddly enough, this actually goes well together (Are you freaking serious!). Blending the plot and voices of Scott Pilgrim with the animation of Avatar, it’s a match made in nerd heaven (or at least it’s cheap motel equivalent). Remember kids, don’t try this at home, he gets reincarnated when he dies, you don’t.

scottpilgrimvsthematrix-1282636942(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Super Slacker, Scott Pilgrim and Thomas “Neo” (The One) Anderson are from different sides of the playing field. One fights to save the remainder of his race while the other drinks Coke Zero while trying to survive dating one naughty girl. Yet, what happens when you throw one part Video Game humor with one part Kung-Fu, shoot-em up action and toss them in a blender? You get a remix mashup of epic proportions!

Thanks to AEmovieguy’s faux film trailer “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Matrix” you get a wonderful blend of both franchises, but still making sense the whole time. AEmovieguy’s description of this remixed trailer is a fantastic twist on each of it’s respected films, married into a really clever (and plausible) plot synopsis for newly named “Scott New Pilgrim”

Watch it for yourself but please, control your whoah’s

Once upon a time, while serving as battery fodder for machines who’ve imprisoned the human race to a cyber reality, Scott Neo Pilgrim met his dreamgirl, Ramona Trinity Flowers, at a Canadian collegian party for 30-year-old drug and prostitution ringers. Upon being freed from The Matrix, Pilgrim seeks out Miss Flowers, oblivious to the fact that Morphew Patel, the very man who took Pilgrim in, is an ex-boyfriend of hers. Enraged after seeing Pilgrim and Flowers getting flirtatious at the yearly Zion Stock, Patel challenges Pilgrim to a dojo duel for Flower’s hand. Following a narrow victory over Patel, Pilgrim has earned his trust and an explanation: Miss Flowers has Seven Evil Exes that Pilgrim must defeat to prove his heart muscle…but, hey, they can make out!

Watch it for yourself but please, control your whoah’s:


Gnarcade is a  a rap music video that mixes up 8-bit video game foes with competitive skateboarders and snowboarders. It was created by Knifeshow Inc, and features music from Ground Up.  Skateboarding and snowboarding from Scott Stevens, Micah Hollinger, Chris Beresford, Tim Eddy, Ben Bogart, and Casey Wristsman. Besides all the gnarly extreme sports dudes (Oi! just thinking of all that physical activity makes me breath hard) there are a enough animations of characters from old school video games to keep nerds happy. Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, Pac-Man, Frogger and — wait for it — Portal.

source: neatogeek

Gnarcade from Mike Benson on Vimeo.

Star Trek

As you can tell by what I have posted here on Nerdbastards, I love musical mash-ups that take popular songs and place them in a video showcasing clips of a movie or TV show. The latest one making the rounds on the Internet today has become an instant hit by how amazingly the song works with the clips shown.

The song is “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha, and the video is from the original Star Trek series. You get clips from all sorts of classic episodes of Star Trek, as well as little moments for pretty much every main character that was in the show.

Not much more can be said other than: load the video, make it full-screen, pump up the volume … and enjoy!

Gaga in Wonderland


Tim Burton’s latest excercise in weirdness, Alice in Wonderland was visually satisfying but a failure in dramatic story telling. How could it have been better, you say? Well, that question is best answered in this video mashup of Lady Gaga in Wonderland by Black20’s

When Wonderland is threatened by a pop-music hating Queen Of Hearts, pop music sensation Lady Gaga returns to her homeland to kick some evil ass… but mainly dance, sing, and weird it up.

This creation is not only far more superior but also offers the energy, curiosity, and emotional draw that Burton failed to deliver.

source: slashfilm