Let’s face it, video game movies are not the best.

In fact, I dare you to name one movie based upon a videogame that stands the test of time as well as E.T., Star Wars, Forrest Gump or Gone With the Wind. The fact is, they usually aren’t that great.

That is not to say that some aren’t extremely well done!

The first Mortal Kombat movie stands out as one of the best, along with probably the first Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. But, from a sheer economic standpoint, which stands above the rest … and what just sinks to the bottom?

Then may I present to you, thanks to IGN and the Online Dating University, an infographic that highlights video game movies and their respective wins … and awful fatality-inducing losses.

Check it out below the jump, and let us know if you agree!


Ahhh, with every big movie comes the release of the tie-in videogame!

Most videogame tie-ins from big movies are pretty bad, just look at Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Watchmen, Hulk, etc… The list is pretty much endless!

And yet, people still buy them because of hope. They believe that with a movie that will be/is great (and advance press says that Thor will be), people believe that the game may just be one to buck that trend. And who knows, the Thor: God of Thunder videogame may just achieve where so, so many have failed.

For those of you who wish to give it a shot, your time is now! You can go ahead and listen to the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston (who lent their voices) to the three different versions of the game (PS3/XBox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS).

Sega has released new launch trailers for its each port, found below, all of which bring something different to the table. Which one strikes your fancy?

For those too lazy to look (seriously, click PLAY you lazy bastards) – The graphics on the PS3/360 are clearly better, while the Wii has you swinging your Wii-mote like an Asgardian, while the DS game is more like a classic side-scroller.

Xbox 360 and PS3 Version

Nintendo Wii



True story. There was this one time when I smoked a blunt while I had the Nintendo Mii Channel playin’ in the background. Ya know, that custom character creation area where you can act like GOD? Ya that’s it, that’s the story. Nothing happened. I was content and the Mii jingle soothed me into euphoria. If there’s any message in this story it’s that weed and the Mii channel makes the world right. Other message? My stories suck, don’t ever listen to me.

Anyway, while I’m under the influence of the ganja I think about a lot of things. Like what my penis would look like in the hands of a midget (Smurfy), or what a bed made of jello might be like (I assume amazing), but with the Mii Channel going, I’m like “If this song had lyrics I wonder what they would be?”.

Answering this call, is our dear friend BrentalFloss. Ole’ Brent was under another consciousness-altering substance when he came up with lyrics to the Mii Jingle. Beer! Is there anything it can’t do? Of course his imbibing of the golden nectar might explain why he looks, sounds and acts like a massive pedo. Regardless, “MaKe A mIi WiTh MeEeEe. It’Ll Be So MuCh FuNnNnNnN!!” Watch the video below:

Ya good luck gettin’ that song stuck out of your head. By the way, call me observant but my god, Brent seems to have the cleanest socks. Just sayin’.

Thor: God of Thunder Gameplay


Are you excited for Marvel‘s upcoming movie, Thor, coming out on May 6, 2011?

If so, then I am sure some of you will be excited for the videogame tie-in, entitled “Thor: God of Thunder” video game that hits stores 3 days prior (May 3rd).

Up until now, no real details about the game has been released, but thanks to IGN and, we now have some cool vignette clips that show Thor fighting on Earth and his home, Asgard.

Now, videogames based on movies do not have a great track record, and are usually pretty terrible. But, with every tie-in, I hope that it can upset the status quo.

We will have to wait and see if Thor: God of Thunder is able to overcome the tie-in curse. What do you think?

All the clips seen below are from the Wii game, but it will be available on the XBox 360, PS3 and Nintendo DS.




Zombies have become a bit over-done in mainstream entertainment media, as of late.

It seems that wherever you turn, there are zombies in movies, television shows and video games. While dismembering and chopping off heads in video games is fun, it can become rather tiresome.

But, this new trailer for the upcoming videogame Dead Island has me convinced that it is the game that will change all that! While no gameplay is actually seen, it looks incredible.

The completely CGI trailer is amazing, and  has to be one of the greatest (and best made) trailers for a video game I have ever seen.

Check it out below . You’ll be glad you did (unless you are prone to nightmares, then I’d advise against it)!

More Dead Island Videos