Even the best super heroes have days in which they wish they had just stayed in bed, ate candy, and watched soap operas all day. Junaid Chundrigar translated this thought into a terrific animated short that includes some of this NerdBastards favorite Marvel superheros. Below are some links and information and credits from Junaid’s Vimeo page.

I just have one question, female superheros don’t have bad days?

I decided to make this short animation after drawing some Marvel characters in a cartoony style:


Sound design by: ERIK GRIEKSPOOR
Hulk explosion: THIJS VIEGERS

Via: Geeksaresexy

Play a few bars of any part of Star War‘s iconic score and you’ll have everyone humming along. John Williams‘ score is so identifiable it’s lended itself to parody over and over again. But what if the music of Star Wars was left in the hands of say, MC Hammer or even a group of highschool theatre nerds? Why you’d get these gems!

In what some are calling the “most embarrassing display of Star Wars ever,” the Dark Lord of the Sith and his Stormtrooper backup are letting you know, “U Can’t Touch This!”

All right, it is a little embarressing. But you must admit those are the most coordinated Stormtroopers you’ve ever seen! These guys could definitely hit the broad side of bantha.

The next video is delightful. Back in 1996 a high school adapted Star Wars for the stage with their own version of a Star Wars High School Musical. It sold out all three nights it ran, only three because it was quickly shut down by George Lucas with a cease and desist letter. For years we’ve been robbed of this musical, sci-fi splendor, but no more! The musical in it’s entirety has been uploaded to Vimeo for all to enjoy. Watch part one below, and click here to for all six sections.

It is a high school musical, so don’t expect this production to rival anything on the Great White Way, but you’ve got to hand it to these nerds for their creativity and pure gumption.  The music is all borrowed from famous musical productions with original lyrics. R2D2 is played by a chick with some pretty good vocals and the set’s as barren as Tattooine, which works out sorta perfect since the first act is mostly on Tatooine.

Can we get a song from this musical on Glee next season!?

source: Geeky Tyrant, The Mary Sue

Fan Made X-Men: First Class Credits

X-Men: First Class promises to be a very interesting movie. For good or bad, it is too soon to tell.

But one thing is for sure, the 60’s setting will allow for a lot of visual flair (as demonstrated by magazine covers and fan-made posters).

Vimeo user Joe D! decided to utilize these themes and create an extremely compelling and interesting set of opening credits for the movie.It’s actually rather good, if a little bizarre in some parts. As he describes on the video page:

Set during the midst of the Cuba Missile Crisis, X-Men: First Class tells the story of the first team coming together, before they would become the heroes and villains we know from the original X-Men Trilogy.

This sequence was designed to give a very brief primer on the time period, the setting, as well as show the relationships of the characters in this film, as they are very different from the previous movies and audiences shouldn’t be confused as to why Professor X and Magneto, enemies in the original trilogy, are the best of friend in this prequel.

Super Punch held a contest redesigning the posters for the film, which played it safe by sticking very close to the correlation to the original trilogy, and winding up rather mundane compared to the slick trailer rife with espionage, red fear, and 60s hair. Several people were quick to make posters in the Mod, Saul Bass, and James Bond style that I had in mind, so it was decided that I’d make a title sequence instead.

The video can be seen below, and pay special attention to the music in the background. Does it sound familiar to fans of the 90’s animated series?

X-Men: First Class Title Sequence from Joe D! on Vimeo.

X-Men: First Class Title Sequence from Joe D! on Vimeo.