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For a relatively niche part of the Marvel universe, Guardians of the Galaxy was an enormous hit when it was released in cinemas in 2014. Between Chris Pratt’s crude yet quirky Star Lord and the absurdly lovable duo of Rocket and Groot, it had all the right ingredients to make people laugh and warm their hearts. It came as no surprise when a sequel was announced and the fan base has only grown since the trailer for the new movie was released recently and we all got a look at Baby Groot in action. (more…)

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Guardians of the Galaxy is a perfect comic book movie! It truly is one of the most unique and delightful films Marvel has created to date. It has all the heart, humor, heroics, and a dash of unhinged weirdness every good superhero movie needs. Its success is quite a marvel (pun intended) given its bizarre array of characters. A movie about a quick-witted earth man/pirate teaming up with an assassin, a destroyer out for revenge, an enhanced raccoon and a humanoid tree shouldn’t have worked… but it did.

A ton of excitement and hype surrounds the upcoming sequel. It’s a lot of pressure for director James Gunn and the rest of the cast and crew to match or exceed what the first film achieved but they’re doing it. In July, at San Diego Comic-Con, James Gunn brought his cast to Hall H, where they unleashed the first trailer that included an unexpected surprise.  The footage revealed that Star-Lord’s dad was Ego the Living Planet, played by Kurt Russell.

This footage is not ready to be shown to the masses, as the visual effects were unfinished and not ready to be seen by the public. However, it sounds like Gunn is working on releasing something soon. Groot voice actor Vin Diesel, saw a new cut of footage shown at Comic Con. He took his reaction to Facebook Live, and well, you’ll see… (more…)

The Rock and Vin Diesel

Over the last few weeks, social media has been ablaze about problems behind the scenes of the 8th installment of the Fast & Furious franchise between actors Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel. The two superstars are reported to not be getting along while filming the latest film.  Johnson first posted a cryptic message on social media talking about certain “Candy Asses” on set that doesn’t conduct themselves as professionals. After Internet sleuths went to work, it was confirmed that the person who he was referencing was co-star Vin Diesel. After it was outed that he was the culprit, Vin Diesel also took to social media and even made the statement that veteran actor Tommy Lee Jones was originally supposed to have the role of Hobbs and not Johnson. The rest of the cast has been mum when asked about the feud between the two. However, this “feud” might not have any legs.



There is nothing quite like seeing what celebrities were like before they were stars.  Knowing that most of them had to take crappy jobs just to get by before landing their big break makes them much more relatable.  Spotting them with their kids in the park without makeup or a visible bodyhard is humanizing.  Seeing footage from the 90s surface showing a well known star acting far out of his typecast, on the hand, is priceless.  Even more so when he is acting as goofy as he’s dressed.  Who is this star, you ask?  None other than Vin Diesel, star of the Fast and Furious franchise.  In this video, which is currently taking the internet by storm (and for good reason), we see Diesel working a 1994 toy fair selling the Street Sharks toyline.  You don’t remember the the 90s cartoon?  No one does.  But you’re not likely to forget this anytime soon. (more…)


Riddick fans, it’s time for some celebration Riddick-style, so grab your weird, curvy knives, put on your gruffest voice, and stumble around in the dark like an idiot, because it is on! Vin Diesel‘s production company One Race has partnered with Universal Television in a multi-year, first look production deal. It appears that the first project we’re going to get out of this deal is a return to the world that Vin Diesel first created with writer/director David Twohy in 2000’s Pitch Black. The show will be called Merc City and will focus on the world of the bounty hunters inside the Riddick universe.



This Vin Diesel guy must be contracting out his sleep because I don’t know how else he has the time to do everything he’s got going on lately. Diesel is taking another run at a Triple X movie in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage , there’s the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, the Fast & Furious sequel, and on top of that, he’s helping to launch a new television division for One Race Films‘ production company called MERC CITY which will look into the lives of the Mercenaries in the Riddick Universe. The man is flat-out busy. (more…)

Vin Diesel is a powerhouse when it comes to the Social Media Platform that is Facebook. With over 96 million followers you can expect people to notice when he posts to his page. Over the weekend, Diesel posted a live Facebook video where he teased his thoughts on a few new scripts he had received including James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which included a bonus DC mix tape for the sequel. What did Vin Diesel have to say about the script? (more…)


The Last Witch Hunter is an intriguing entry into the world of cinematic fantasy genre.  While it doesn’t particularly revolutionize the way we see witches and warlocks nor does it herald “the next great franchise” of feature films, it is a solid tale packed with great special effects, excellent pacing, a presentation designed for an intellectual audience (relatively speaking, of course), and charming characters that are fairly believable in terms of their place in this witchy world.



It’s been a rough ride for the upcoming Inhumans movie lately. From rumors that Marvel Studios was pulling the plug, to the denial of those rumors, to being pushed even further to the back of Marvel’s production slate, all the Inhumans we’re going to get for the next five years is going to be on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. apparently. In the meantime though, one actor is going to keep the flame alive, an actor that has a pre-existing connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You know that Vin Diesel‘s been looking at playing King Black Bolt in the Inhumans movie, and now he’s showing off his mad Black Bolt skills. (more…)


There’s no denying that The Iron Giant is a fan favorite. Throw in the digitally remastered signature edition that will be hitting big screens across America on September 30th and October 4th, and you’ve got a mixture that might jump-start thoughts of a sequel. Vin Diesel, the voice behind the Giant knows, and sometimes harnesses, the Social Media power of his fans and this time he’s dropped a bomb shell on them. Could Warner Bros. be about to announce an Iron Giant sequel after all these years? (more…)