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Last night’s series finale of Breaking Bad was excellent, and people seemed to have really responded to it. In what was the most anticipated episode of series television since the series finale of Lost, Breaking Bad not only secured 10.3 million viewers, but it was a critical success and a rave with fans of the show was well. As we all know, the reception to the finale of Lost was somewhat less than congenial. Oh forget it, people hated the crap out of it. But still, three years on you’d figure that fans might have gotten over it. And you’d be wrong.

As Breaking Bad drew to a close, fans of the show took to Twitter to voice their satisfaction with the finale – by mocking Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof and his lack off finale writing finesse. In fact, Lindelof was getting so much Twitter traffic, he decided to re-tweet some of the sass of he was getting.



Well this makes me feel old, it’s been 20 years this September since The X-Files told us the truth is out their and made us want to believe. In honor of it being two decades since the show first premiered on TV screens, it seems that a very special reunion is being put together at the place where all things nerdy get venerated, San Diego Comic Con.

According to, who saw an ad in, of all places, the print edition of TV Guide (?), the reunion panel will take place on July 18th and feature a number of prominent writers who contributed to the series over it’s nine seasons. The guest list includes creator Chris Carter along with David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, John Shiban, Glen Morgan and Jim Wong.

That’s a pretty heady list of TV writers to get in one room if you consider what some of those guys went on to do. Gilligan, for example, is the creator and showrunner of Breaking Bad, while Gordon when on to executive produce both 24 and Homeland. Amann currently works on Castle, while Shiban has recently worked on Torchwood and Hell on Wheels. Morgan and Wong left the show early on to create the cult classic Space: Above & Beyond although they later returned to the show after Space was cancelled and later ran Carter’s X-Files follow-up, Millennium. Currently Wong writes for American Horror Story and Morgan recently worked on the ABC series The River.

What’s interesting is that there’s no announcement of any cast members appearing. No David Duchovny (Mulder) or Gillian Anderson (Scully). No Mitch Peleggi (Skinner), William B. Davis (Cancer Man) or Nicholas Lea (Krychek). Hell, even the Lone Gunman haven’t been announced for an appearance. Perhaps there’ll be an announcement coming soon, or maybe there will a surprise appearance or two.

Either way, better renew your subscription to TV Guide to stay updated.

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SDCC12 LIVE BLOG: The ‘Breaking Bad’ Panel

Welcome to the Nerd Bastards SDCC 2012 Live Blog for the Breaking Bad panel. Our Dev Richards is in the FRONT ROW ready to deliver unto you as many details as we can about the legendary AMC drama’s fifth season. Keep checking back to see what Vince Gilligan and company have to say.

(6:50) Season five trailer has started.

(7:01) Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul walk out wearing yellow haz-mat suits, tossing FAKE meth into the audience. Wow.

(7:05) This is blue FAKE meth, I want to say that because it is very important.

(7:09) Vince Gilligan says Skylar’s character will grow darker this season.

(7:17) Gilligan just said the second episode will have scenes in Germany. Important because the other drug lords are German.

(7:22) Aaron Paul says this season is way creepier than the others.

(7:25) Cranston says that the premier is more intellectual than it is violent. And it’s funnier than you’d expect.

(7:29) Gilligan says the most important line will be Jessie saying “magnets, bitch”. Also we will see some characters returning: skinny Pete and badger. Skinny Pete will have a new aspect to him.

(7:30) We will see more Bob Odenkirk (Saul) this season (which makes sense, what with the rumored spin-off)

(7:33) When asked what subtle clues we will see in the first episode, Gilligan says no clues. It’s blatant. Not like the plane wreckage from season 2. Bam, in your face. It will also involve a household product. I’m betting salad shooter, but I could be mistaken.

Our live-blog got claimed by technical difficulty right as the fan questions started. To catch the rest of the panel check out Hitfix’s Live Blog here.