It’s a battle involving some of Britain’s most famous institutions. In one corner there’s the Beeb, the good ‘ole British Broadcasting Corporation or BBC, and in the other is Virgin, business baby of billionaire Richard Branson and in this case Virgin Media in particular, the uh, media arm of the company. In the middle, David Tennant most famously known as the 10th Doctor on the wildly popular, Doctor Who.

So, what’s happening? This Virgin Media commercial, below, advertising such services as TiVo and starring David Tennant along with Richard Branson has received a takedown request from the BBC on the grounds its time travel premise is playing off of Tennant’s popularity from Doctor Who.

Okay, so let’s watch it.

The BBC is convinced this commercial is an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Doctor Who and they’re really not cool with that, releasing this statement,

We should ensure that the BBC brand is not used to endorse outside companies or organisations. We can achieve this by ensuring commercial advertising, promotion and press releases by outside companies do not give the impression of BBC endorsement, and advertising does not ‘pass off’ BBC programmes.

The Beeb has always been very protective of all its properties, and in recent years Doctor Who in particular, but this commercial? I think they’ve gone to far. Besides the inclusion of the Doctor Who logo, not even Tennant’s Doctor Who logo mind you, in the menu I can’t really see a case. All Virgin is doing is using the popularity of a celebrity to hock their product, isn’t that the point of a spokesman? It’s as if the BBC is pissed because David Tennant’s stardom exploded from Doctor Who.

Virgin isn’t backing down. They released a statement saying the ad is about Branson’s “love of exploration,” not Who.

What do you guys think? Does BBC have a case? Are Virgin right to keep the commercial? Is David Tennant still as sexy today as he ever was as Ten?

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This is Why Most Nerds Are Still Virgins


I know that people bitch about stereotypes, but honestly most of them exist because there is some sort of fact to back it up. Fact- Most Nerds still have their V cards, Why? Because we’re all weird and awkward. This is my advice to you my fellow Nerds who have yet to use your artifact-creature.. if you get a girl to agree to not only let you see her naked, but to use her as a human sheath DO NOT I repeat DO FUCKING NOT pull out video game moves mid coitus. For the love of your penis don’t do it.  You might be saying to yourself “Well it looks so cool when (insert character) does it! I’ve mastered it in the game! This seems like a perfect idea!” No it doesn’t you know why? Because THIS is what it looks like in REAL life.

WARNING: This video NSFW!!!!! (not safe for work).

You poor fucking bastard, you should have just stuck your dick in the hole and shut the fuck up.

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