Virtual Reality

‘Last Starfighter’ Gets TV Offshoot, The Crowd Goes Mild


Earlier today Variety reported that the 1984 cult classic space opera The Last Starfighter would be getting a reboot of sorts, with a TV series tentatively titled The Starfighter Chronicles.  Very few details have been released, but word is the show will “embrace virtual reality” and stuff or whatever. Are you ready to once again broker an end to hostilities between the Ryan Star League and the Ko-Dan Empire? Yeah, me neither. (more…)


“You’ll forgive me if I don’t stay around to watch. I just can’t cope with the freaky stuff.”

Those were Barry Convex’s last words to Max Renn before leaving him alone with a giant, pulsing headset wrapped around his skull; a device that would send Renn further down the rabbit hole of distorted reality that is David Cronenberg’s Videodrome. During their 2014 Game Developers Conference presentation, PlayStation head Shuhei Yoshida presented a Virtual Reality prototype for “Project Morpheus”, a head-mounted display featuring a white visor with a black wrap-around piece along the eye-line that will transform anyone who wears it into James Woods.