Shonen Jump To Reboot For The New Year


Back in January of 2008 (or December of 2007 for some folks), Viz released the monthly Shonen Jump to the US audience. It was a way for the fans to show their support for the titles they liked in a legal way but it of course never stopped the scans that would find its way on the internet but nonetheless, it was a start. talked senior editor Joel Enos about Viz’s attempt to revamp the monthly magazine, both paper and online. In the four page Q and A session, Enos revealed that the upcoming January 2011 issue, which will be available to subscribers December of this year, will feature the reboot by adding in few new manga titles such as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s and Psyren.

Enos also revealed that subscribers will get special access on Shonen Jump’s website but didn’t reveal completely what it would be but that Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (Nurarihyon no Mago). While the print version will feature a 2 chapter preview in the February issue, subscribers will be able to read new chapters online every month.

This is just a few things that Viz will be doing in order to keep the manga business alive here in the states and I think it’s heading in the right steps by adding an internet service to it. How about you manga readers? What would you like to see Viz and other publisher do in order to have you support them and the business?

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In a move to fight against the pirates, no not the Straw Hat Pirates but the internet manga piracy, Viz has officially launched the Viz Media App on iTunes. The app allows iPad users the ability to purchase and download manga for their viewing pleasure.

Right now, there are the six available titles: Dragon Ball, Bakuman, Death Note, Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. Each volume will cost $4.99 (compare to the $7.99-$9.99 of the physical copy) and for a limited time, the first volume of Death Note is free, which is freakin’ awesome. As of now, the app is only available for the iPad and Viz has said “more to come” when asked about other device.

During the summer, American and Japanese publishers has teamed up in an effort to shut down many manga scanlation sites (such as onemanga) but was not offering any real legal ways to download/view manga for the U.S. audience. Some Japanese publishers has tried the download to own but many has shun it due to mostly the paying options.

While I have switched to the official anime simulcast instead of pirated streams and websites, I am still guilty when it comes to the manga and would totally support this if I had some device that would allow me to use this, especially if it releases the recent chapters that just came out in Japan. What do y’all think of this app? Is this the right path for Viz to fight against piracy or will this be a failed effort?

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Dragon Ball fans on the internet has been expressing mixed reactions to the news of Akira Toriyama possibly doing more Dragon Ball manga. Bleeding Cool reported the news this morning that it’s “confirmed” but did not cite any source as to where they got the news. Doing some research myself on the Japanese sites that would normally report something this big, nothing came up and thus why I’m labeling this as a rumor for now.

While no real information has been release, it seems that Toriyama will be releasing new chapters to coincide and promote the Japanese release of Dragon Ball Online, a Dragon Ball MMORPG. Dragon Ball Online is set 216 years after where the manga ended and Toriyama himself has been contributing and supervising the project. For you GT haters, this game’s timeline basically makes it where GT never happen, which I’m sure will make some of you happy.

Now being a Dragon Ball fan since 1990 (my mom introduced it to me when I was a really young boy), I kind of have an idea of what the new chapters may be. In Dragon Ball Online, there are “Time Machine Quests” where “Time Patrol Trunks” takes you back in time to certain memorable moments of the series and have you relieve it. This is what I think Toriyama will be doing, re-drawing certain part of Dragon Ball with Dragon Ball Online characters in there. This way, it promotes the game and count as a remake/restart since some sites are reporting that.

The last time Toriyama drew anything Dragon Ball related was 2006’s Cross Epoch, a one shot collaboration with Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. After that, he has done other one shot chapters but had others do the art for him and couple years ago, he did say that he probably wouldn’t draw any more Dragon Ball manga. What do you all think about this? Any fans out there want new Dragon Ball chapters or should Dragon Ball stay over? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment after the break.

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One Piece is an extremely popular series over in Japan and it’s an anime about pirates. It may also be the only show I know that had its fans cry because of the death of the crew’s first ship. Anyway, like any action shonen, the show has its characters with some unique fighting abilities. Most of them acquired their ability by eating the mysterious Devil Fruit. Of course, they lose the ability to swim by eating one of these and that isn’t a good thing for a pirate but it’s a small price to pay for the power one gains from it. With these fruits, people can either become some sort a superhuman, an animal hybrid, or have a power of  a natural element. Check after the jump to see just some of these ridiculous abilities being used awesomely.


ichigo-hollow2-copieWarner Brothers has been going on an Anime craze lately with getting rights on a live action Akira movie, then a Death Note movie, and then a Ninja Scroll… and now BLEACH. Well, they are still trying to get the rights to make one and I think a live action BLEACH movie would be cool but the producer they have in mind is what worries me. They are talks with Peter Segal (Get Smart, Longest Yard) to produce and I just don’t know, don’t get me wrong, Get Smart and Longest Yard were enjoyable but not great. Even if Viz would help to produce, I feel it’s just them there to supervise and making sure they got the names right and such. What do you guys think? Do ya’ll think Warner Brothers can make a movie that will please the fans or will we see people have a funeral for Ichigo in front of a movie theater. Or if your excited by this news, who do you want casted, because I have no idea who can be who… then again, maybe my lack of sleep could be bothering my brain process or I just don’t want Justin Chatwin or Zack Efron (rumored to be cast as Light in the Death Note movie) as in my BLEACH.

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