With Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald releasing in November, nerdy fans are abuzz about its possibilities. Its connecting even more to classic Harry Potter characters, after all, with the addition of a younger Dumbledore to the cast. However, the things they’re abuzz about aren’t all inherently good. Many fans have mixed feelings about Johnny Depp’s involvement as Grindelwald himself, are concerned about the portrayal of a younger Dumbledore, and, more recently, the uproarious confusion about adding Nagini, Voldemort’s pet snake, as a character in the film. What once was a highly intelligent reptile is now shown to be a beautiful woman who transforms into a massive snake. Her inclusion, her race, and her relevance have all been up for grabs when it comes to criticizing the film. Here, though, we are going to look into something more unsettling: what this new information on her implies for the original Harry Potter series.

And trust that those implications are disturbing. (more…)

The Harry Potter Series: Voldemort’s Version


J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books have done more than just entertain us all these years; they’ve also set up the groundwork for us to keep the stories going long after the books are done. All of the characters, storylines, and majestic settings- prime materials for us to create our own version of things the way we would’ve liked to see them, or to empathize with other characters. Characters like, say, Voldemort.  On a quick personal note: I will freely admit that I did my fair share of Harry Potter fan fiction writing back in high school, but I never thought to venture into the mind of Voldemort. Someone has, though, and the results are quite hilarious! (more…)

Oh please, oh please let this rumor be true.

The opening ceremonies of the Olympics are always a stunning and theatrical display of celebration for the host country, and when your host country is the United Kingdom you’ve got a very long, very colorful history to celebrate. So what will our former overlords be wowing us with at the 2012 Summer Olympics?

An epic showdown between Mary Poppins, the magical, singing, umbrella flying nanny, and Voldemort, the dark lord of the Harry Potter series so fearsome most never utter his name.

At least this is according to Sunday Times who broke the story. It’s clearly still a rumor, but what a fantastic rumor it is. Honestly, what they’re reporting sounds pretty freakin’ awesome and I sure hope they’re right. Apparently there will be a sequence featuring a whole bunch of famous literary characters from Alice in Wonderland to Peter Pan to 101 Dalmatians. But the finale is what sounds truly spectacular as a 40 ft Voldemort will rise and chase all these beloved characters away only to thwarted by an army of Mary Poppins.

About 30 actors each depicting Mary Poppins, the magical English nanny played by Julie Andrews in the 1964 Disney film, will descend from the roof of the stadium on wires and “float” to the ground with their opened umbrellas. The nightmare will be banished and happiness restored. “It’s a jaw-dropping sequence,” said one source.

I don’t care how silly this sounds, it would be infinitely cooler than any past country’s opening ceremonies. Really, Beijing, ribbon dancers? I think London’s got ya beat. At least they will, if this rumor holds true.

What d’ya think? Would a sequence featuring all the most famous literary creations of the U.K. be a good addition to the opening ceremonies? Admit it, how badly do you want to see a giant Voldemort beaten back by a bunch of British nannies?

Source: The Mary Sue

All Of The Harry Potter Parodies You Could Ever Want

In honor of the fact that the last film in the Harry Potter franchise has finally arrived, we’ve got a compilation of HP-inspired parodies for y’all! You may have seen some of these videos featured on Nerd Bastards over the past few weeks, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have ’em all in one place.

“Stupefy You” is a parody of Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You”, by ThePitNYC. It’s pretty wacky!

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