Volkswagon Vadar Kid Aftermath


Well it had to happen, it was just a matter of time. I’m just glad that the video production is pretty good and not some hack job to be first up on YouTube. Everyone thought that Volkswagen commercial was cute, myself included. Then i started to think about it. With that one gesture of Nerd compassion that father built a resolve in the son that could have gone horribly wrong in that child’s teenage years.

Anyone remember this kid?


Well it’s not so funny when some kid has “Wishing things into the Cornfield” type powers. Watch what happened a few months later as the Volkswagen kid, frustrated by his loss of his “Force” powers suddenly develops those powers through sheer determination.

“I said I wanted candy!!! . . . Mother.”

What did you think? With great power, comes easy access to cookies.

Best Star Wars Commercial EVER!

Darth vader volkswager super

Pretty much everyone loves Star Wars in some way, shape or form. And those that don’t can at least appreciate it.

Take this upcoming Super Bowl commercial from Volkswagon that blends a commercial for its brand-new 2012 Passat and a young child’s love of the force.

This commercial will put a HUGE smile on your face, especially if you occasionally pretend to use to force when electronic doors open (of which I am guilty of more than I would care to admit).

You NEED to watch the commercial below the jump, it is amazing.



Sometimes, the internet astounds even me with some of the stuff that appears on it.

For some unbelievable reason, British tattoo artist, comic book fan and apparent Volkswagen enthusiast Mark Hunter has mashed some of his favorite superheros and villains using Photoshop with the classic 1950 VW van. Frankly, how one can come up with the concept mystifies me, and yet, some of them are just incredibly well done!

My personal favorite – The Silver Surfbus, the Batvan, and the Dub-Mariner. What are yours?

Check out the gallery below for all the amazing, and yet bizarre, drawings!