Walker Stalkers Con

IronE Singleton

Writing for Nerd Bastards certainly doesn’t pay my monthly bills, but it does give me tremendous opportunities to meet many of the talented actors and personalities that I love from television, movies, comics, and all the other nerdy things that make up my favorite past times. That’s the big Nerd Bastards payoff, and this time around I got to talk with The Walking Dead‘s T-Dog, actor and all around nice guy IronE Singleton.



What happens when two fans get together and start a podcast? Who could have believed that it would all lead to a weekend blow out convention with almost the entire cast of the number one show on television, including Guest of Honor Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer, Director and Special Effects Designer, of The Walking Dead in attendance? Even Eric and James, the Walker Stalkers, are still trying to get their heads around it. Find out how the whole thing came together and how you could win a pair of tickets and attend! (more…)