walking dead review


“I hear dead people…”

Hello, Nerd Readers. Due to an unexpected error within the fabric of time and space, your normal Walking Dead reviewer can not be here today. Therefore, I am taking over. And given the sheer madness of tonight’s episode, I seem to have come at an apt time. For I can honestly say that ‘The Grove’ is one of the best, if not the best episode this series has put out thus far. (more…)

walking dead dead weight

Hello out there in Nerd Reader land.  Once again the lovely Regina will be taking the week off which leaves you in my (capable?) hands as far as The Walking Dead review goes.  And while I’ve really been enjoying the season thus far, this week is when I just had to shrug my shoulders and say to myself “Did I even really need to watch any of that?”  One of the hallmarks of good writing is that every moment is essential, but with two episodes of The Governor wandering about and doing very little, even my patience has worn somewhat thin.  Read on to hear me bitch and moan. (more…)