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walking dead zombie rush

It may seem like a pretty simple thing, playing the part of a zombie on The Walking Dead, but those that get to don the rotten flesh make-up and take swipes at the show’s heroes have some serious training to do before they’re let on the set.  Production for the fourth season of Walking Dead has just gotten underway and in order to remind us that October will bring more show, the folks over at the show have release the following zombie training video.  Check out the extras as they get put through the paces of what makes a successful walker.

No doubt marketing will be feeding us stuff like this all summer, so check back in periodically with the crew at Nerd Bastards and see what new bright and shiny objects we have for you to play with.


Thanks to ComingSoon for the heads-up.

It’s a damn good season for television fans this Fall. Doctor Who is starting up in just a few days, the Dexter premiere is looming close behind and, of course, The Walking Dead season 3 is set to hit the air in October. The Walking Dead marketing team has been teasing us along thus far with various pictures and the power of the written word. Now, they release their first video. And though it may not be long enough to truly show us what to expect, it’s the first look we get.

So here it is, the first Walking Dead TV spot:

Yup, an amazing 11 seconds long. No doubt we’ll see more coming up hard and fast until the final premiere in 6 weeks.

Look to October 14th for the return of the zombie madness that is The Walking Dead.

Thanks to bleedingcool for the heads-up.