Wally West


The CW’s two flagship superhero series return this week with all new episodes, and both The Flash and Arrow have a great many mysteries to unravel for fans before the season’s through. On The Flash, we know that there’s a showdown coming with “the Man in Yellow,” who is much closer than anyone else on Team Flash realizes. As for Arrow, there’s Ra’s al Ghul’s offer to Oliver to take over as leader of the League of Assassins, an offer that Oliver likely can’t refuse. So where do we go from here? What secrets are about to be revealed? Some, if not all, was discussed at PaleyFest this past weekend. Spoilers follow obviously. (more…)

COMICS REWIND: ‘The Flash: Born To Run’

The Flash is one of the first “freak accident” superheroes. Superman was born with what he’s got, Captain America was created deliberately, and Batman is a hero formed by tragedy and willpower. The Flash inhaled chemicals in the Golden Age and got hit by lightning in the Silver Age. That means storytellers have to come up with other ways to make him interesting. Among the writers who have been most successful at taking the Fastest Man Alive and making him more than just the Justice League’s resident red blur is Mark Waid. In the early ’90s he took over the title, and both he and Wally West got a lot more popular.