The blockbuster business doesn’t come easy, or cheap, and a new list shows us just how true that is. Now, one website has compiled a list of the most expensive films ever made, and chances are pretty good that one or many of your own personal favorites are on here. But who is the big winner? Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, of course. The third Pirates movie tips the bank at $341.8 million, but it’s not the only Pirates movie on the list, and it’s not the only Disney movie on the list either. Want to get a load of the other nine movies in the Top 10? Read on. (more…)

Kevin Costner Sticks Up for Past Blunders

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Actor/director Kevin Costner had a bit of a spell a few years ago having made two back-to-back post-apocalyptic duds, moreover they were also critical bombs. The films were Waterworld and The Postman, and while The Postman was an out-and-out box office armageddon, Waterworld was doubly disastrous because of its then exorbitant budget, which ironically is the current price tag for the average Hollywood blockbuster.

While out fronting for Man of Steel, Costner talked about his past blunders, and he feels that they’re not so bad, and he thinks you shouldn’t think that they’re so bad either. First up, The Postman, which is by far the most beaten up of the two films:

“Well, I always thought it was a really good movie! I always thought I probably started it wrong. I should have said something like ‘once upon a time.’ Because it was just like a modern-day fairy tale — it wraps itself up with a storybook ending with the statue. You know, I thought it was a pretty funny movie set against the idea of a Superman — somebody stepping up. But in this case, it’s a very humble guy whose nothing but a liar [laughs] — delivers mail and burns half of it just to stay alive. So, I like the movie.”

As for Waterworld, that one has actually become better thought of with time. But Costner still thinks we can be nicer towards it.

“It just is what it is. But it stands up as a really exotic, cool movie. I mean, it was flawed — for sure. But, overall, it’s a very inventive, cool movie. It’s pretty robust.”

Well that’s one word for it. What do you Bastards think of Costner’s career?

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Many of you may remember the 1995 film Waterworld, assuming you haven’t blocked it out of your mind.  This old flick had Kevin Costner (then an actual star) drinking his own pee and doing battle with an evil Dennis Hopper while sailing along on an Earth that was completely flooded.  And though the original was less than a masterpiece and did not-so-good at the box office, it looks like SyFy wants to resurrect the property and perhaps make a few bucks.

They’re currently in talks with Universal to get a hold of the Waterworld rights.  If the deal goes through, they’d be putting something together in either a movie format or possibly even an ongoing television series.  So, it looks like we may see more post-apocalypse-on-water action in the near future.  Hopefully the end result is better than the last one.

Personally, I think a TV show could work, even if the sets did look pretty much the same from episode to episode.  What do you in NerdReader land think?  Wanna see some more water being all over the world and stuff?  Or let this mediocre movie rest in peace?


Thanks to ComingSoon for the heads-up.

Dennis Hopper Dead at 74


Sad news in the nerd verse. Legendary actor and director Dennis Hopper died yesterday morning of complication from prostate cancer at the age of 74. Hopper died at his home in Venice, Cali., where he had lived for many years, the Los Angelas Time reported.

Hopper is most known for his starring and directing role in the 1969 film “Easy Rider“, which ushered in a new era for U.S. movie industry, it was a game changer.

Hopper was the type of actor who didn’t let his success define the roles he chose. Though, usually pegged as the bad guy he was a working actor that brought an appreciated level of intensity  to every role. We will remember him as the ex-cop turned mad men in Speed, the smoking outlaw in Waterworld and of course the slicked hair evolved dinosaur in Super Mario Bros.

While Hopper was indentified with the 60’s counter-culture shock he became the most dependable and creepiest villain in cinema. He will be missed.

Feel free to share remembraces in the comments below. Click after the jump for a video of the life and times of Dennis Hopper by film critic Matthew Zoller Seitz (courtesy of slasfilm). It will make you sad. This bastard did so much and did what he did better than anyone else.