we can be heroes

In a startling revelation (for me at least) that big money comic companies are not just all about turning out the next biggest super hero flick, DC Entertainment is working on a project, named ‘We Can Be Heroes,’ to help with the ongoing problems of drought and starvation in Southern Africa.  And to help them in their noble endeavor, they’ve brought aboard music star Chris Daughtry.

He will be working with DC in a number of ways, starting with recording a new, acoustic version of his band’s hit song “RescueMe.”  The song will be showcasing the relief project debut in Los Angeles, accompanied by a Jim Lee art backdrop.  Daughtry, who has expressed pre-stardom dreams of being a comic book artist, is a huge fan of Lee.  They met at San Diego Comic-Con and Lee later approached him about the We Can Be Heroes project.  The song itself will be released on iTunes sometime in the next few weeks and all proceeds from it will go directly to the We Can Be Heroes foundation.

The musical angle is, however, just one part of a much larger ambition to help alleviate the problems of Africa.  DC will be putting on an art exhibit called Darkness & Light which will further aid the charity.  Daughtry has also lent his skills to this part of the program, though in a different capacity – displaying his artistic skills.

Daughtry is a big player when it comes to helping with charities in Africa and the We Can Be Heroes project is but one more step in a string of gracious assists from the musician.

I have to say, things like this give me a little bit more hope that we in the geek-culture central can put forth an effort and really make changes for the better.  Godspeed Daughtry and DC.  And Nerdbastards fans, even you’re not a Daughtry fan, spend a few bucks and help some people out.


Thanks to Hollywood Reporter for letting us in on the scoop.