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Tetris on a Building

The cost of tuition and living expenses at MIT is approximately $55,000 per year — keep that in mind.

A team of hackers at MIT adorably hijacked control of the “Green Building” on campus to play, what is most probably, the world’s greatest and largest game of Tetris on Friday. No word on if the hackers in question secured permission from Alexey Pajitnov (the acknowledged inventor of Tetris, a-doy), but I would imagine not, as they are hackers. By the way, how do hackers make purple and green lights appear in an office building? I know nothing of the “Green building”, but this strikes me as odd.

Source: Laughing Squid

The Real Samuel L. Jackson iPhone Ad

By now we’ve all seen Samuel L. Jackson making gespatcho (not hot-spatcho) on date night with the help of his trusty iPhone assistant Siri (hey, at least he doesn’t need his cell phone to help him identify rain or be quirky). The ad is, to say the least, contrary to the way most of us¬†envision Mr. Jackson while he’s at home — unarmed and less shouty and expletive laden than he typically is on the big screen — because,¬†after-all, every actor is exactly the same in real life as they are when they’re acting.

Luckily, the folks from Slackstory felt the need to fix this egregious error and show us the “real” Sam Jackson Siri ad.

Warning: stay the fuck away from this video if you are offended by cursing.