That’s right folks, webisode one of Dragon Age Redemption is HERE! Everyone’s favorite Red headed, cute as a button, Internet Queen of the Webisode Felicia Day’s long awaited collaborative effort with Bio Ware is up for viewing. 

It may seem a little strange at first, after all Felicia Day is one of the sweetest people you could meet in person (DragonCon 2011!) and on screen. Yet here she is an Elf assassin, quick with a blade and knows when to twist that knife as well. One thing, don’t call her “Knife Ears” she hates when people call her that.

Check out the first episode and let the other NerdBastards know what you think in the comments section below.

Felicia also posted this video on her blog to promote the Dragon Age Redemption webisode’s premiere, bask in her quirkiness! 

Starting on October 3rd, during the building anticipation of The Walking Dead‘s second season, AMC will begin airing a six-part webseries chronicling the life of “Bicycle Girl” before Rick Grimes shot her in the face. Hannah, he name pre-zombification, became one of the show’s most famous “walkers” and her life up until her undeath will make a perfect appetizer before the feast on October 16th.

The series following Hannah’s struggle to survive is being “produced by Generate, conceived and directed by The Walking Dead Co-Executive Producer Greg Nicotero with teleplay by John Esposito.” All six of the webisodes will debut online at AMCtv.com on October 3rd, 2pm eastern time.

In addition to this sweet little webseries, AMC has also released yet another trailer to keep you hopped up on The Walking Dead until it’s return October 16th. What dealers, never leaving you without a fix for long.

All right, much of this trailer has been seen before in other trailers. Why, AMC, why must you tease us so!

Source: AMC (2)

Excited? Why, of course!

Warner Brothers has announced that Kevin Tancharoen‘s highly anticipated web series Mortal Kombat: Rebirth will launch next week!   On Tuesday, April 12th Machinima will be hosting a live event where the Machinima crew and web series director Kevin Tancharoen will all be playing the new MK video game. And after that, they will debut the first episode of Mortal Kombat: Rebirth! The web series stars Jeri Ryan, Michael Jai White and Darren Shahlavi. As of now it doesn’t specify an airing time, but one would have to assume 12 pm, Pacific Time.

For those not in the know. Rebirth, which you can watch below, was a short film representative of the fighting game and its characters, but in a modernized setting. Brutal and disgusting, offering inspired suspense and horror from films like Seven and Saw. It was met with such collective jaw drop that Warner Bros. green lit a web series.

Oh man, I’m so excited.

As promised, today the BBC released the first of three prequels to the premiere episode of Doctor Who Series Six, “The Impossible Astronaut,” set to arrive April 23.

The webisode, written by Doctor Who head writer Steven Moffat, is just under two minutes, and doesn’t feature The Doctor, Amy Pond or the TARDIS, but it’s still got enough sci-fi weirdness to make you hungry for more.

The brief prequel features a U.S. President (judging by the looks and voice, it must be Nixon) sitting in a dim Oval Office, answering the phone, only to hear the mysterious voice of a little girl urging him to look back. The President assures her that there are “no monsters in the Oval Office”… but of course, we know how things are in the Doctor Who world, especially when someone thinks everything’s fine.

The prequel is hardly more than a teaser itself, but it’s enough to get you pumped for more. The BBC hasn’t announced the release of the second prequel webisode yet, but with less than a month before the Series Six premiere, we can expect it soon.

Being a fellow Canadian citizen it’s well known we are made fun of for a few things in the world. We are made fun of for our accents, or lumberjacks and our hockey teams (admit it, we kinda suck right now) but our superheros are the ones that really take it on the chin. Hell, our biggest hero outside of the great white north was Due South‘s Benton Fraser and his only power was lasting longer on TV then he should have. The only thing going good for us maple lover’s is Wolverine and that’s only because he’s a true Canadian ladies man, stiffer then the adamantium in his bones and never calls them back. With all this hate for the country of red and white who will save us now? How about the ‘Hero’s of The North’, the next big thing in Canada making those Alpha flight shirts cool again (yeah right).

Canadians Assemble!!!

Coming from the city of poutine (yummy) and adult situations (yummier) Montreal, Quebec’s own “Hero’s of The North” is an online series based on a (fictional) division of the Canadian military. While the real military isn’t as cool, we’re rocking 3 subs though, this secret division called the CDO (Canadian Defense Organization) would probably make up for what we suck at if they were real. This isn’t any normal series however as Hero’s of The North is told through various forms for it’s online masses. Told through 20 live action webisodes, 8 comic books, a diary, video games (in the works), characters tech sheets, characters facebook pages, and many universe related websites, this just shows that we can run with an idea and turn it into gold (or at least something cool). Sure, the acting is something to be desired but what do you expect, people to start quoting Shakespeare on the fly, it usually depends on who’s playing what. As for everything else, from the sets to the story it more then makes up for the faulty acting here and there.

Don’t believe this fellow Canuck right now, why don’t you check out this trailer. It might change your mind about cracking those igloo jokes for a while.

Be sure to check out the Hero’s of The North website for everything Hero

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