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Because deep down I’m still about six years old…

If you are too, you can order your own Zombie Boogers at the aptly named site Stupid.com–Enjoy! [Laughing Squid]


If you’re done with your good-natured chuckle over the Zombie Boogers, it’s time to soil yourself in abject terror. That is the Combat Alpha/Big Dog concept, and while it is supposedly ONLY a concept, it’s still gonna cost me a few night’s sleep. I mean we just found out our government (and I’m addressing American readers exclusively) has us under 24-hour surveillance…Bad enough when all we had to worry about was CIA spooks, now Big Brother can send in effing K-9 to waste anybody who gets on their bad side?

Canada is looking better and better. [Geekologie]


Hostess brought Twinkies back just in time for some creative individual to come up with these brilliant, and scrumptious-looking Minion cupcakes (as in Grue’s Minions from Despicable Me–if you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple years). This photo comes to us via Long Island radio station WALK 97.5

My only objection is that they all have two eyes….

[Laughing Squid]


Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, the live-action webseries based on the immensely popular FPS franchise has been nominated for a Prime-time Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Design.

I’ll be honest here: I’ve never seen this series, mostly because I’m not a Halo player (I’m a Playstation man), but it’s hard NOT to be impressed by a webseries about a video game getting nominated for television’s highest honor–even if it is only a technical award.


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Swarovski crystal


I told you all last week, upon hearing the news that NBC would be pulling Episode 4 of Hannibal out of “respect” for the victims of the recent tragedies in Boston and Newtown and their families, that I would track down that episode and review it come Hell or high water!

Well….that’s not happening–at least not just yet. See, apparently Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller went to the NBC brass about pulling the new series’ 4th episode: “Ceuf” several weeks ago (yeah, it was HIS idea–my apologies for all…well, most of the awful things I’ve said about NBC this past week).

To maintain continuity, he instead decided to, in his own words, cannibalize (ha-ha) “Ceuf” into six short webisodes.

They’re available on YouTube, NBC.com, and a thousand other sites by now.

Honestly, there’s not much here. I believe Fuller when he says proceeding straight to Episode 5 tonight will have little or no effect on the series as a whole. These webisodes are mildly interesting little time-wasters that delve deeper into the growing relationship between Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl), the now-orphaned daughter of slain serial killer Garrett Jacob Hobbs AKA “The Minnesota Shrike”.

For what it’s worth, Hannibal cooks not one, but TWO meals for his co-stars in the series: First he makes another dinner for Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne), then later he makes breakfast for dinner for Abigail and Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas).

Oh, in case you were curious, the original “Ceuf” was primarily about a woman played by SNL alum Molly Shannon who brainwashes children into killing their parents….So I can see (however grudgingly) why Fuller was uncomfortable with airing it. The full episode will play in overseas markets, but not in the US or Canada. It is unknown whether or not it will be made available online here (don’t bother looking for it yet–I found a dozen sites that claimed to have the full, uncut “Ceuf”, but in reality only had the webisodes).

Here’s the first episode of the web series, which begins with a short intro by Fuller:

Hannibal Episode 5 airs tonight on NBC at 10:00 Eastern/9:00 Central. Look for the review tomorrow as per usual here at NerdBastards.

Source: The Huffington Post

Jane Espenson and Brad Bell come from different segments of the entertainment industry. She is a known and lauded producer and writer from the land of network and cable television and he is a YouTube sensation.

Apart they have conquered their own unique set of obstacles with Jane dominating Y chromosome heavy writers rooms and Brad making a bold statement about the guts, creativity, and skill it takes to excel and rise above the interweb pack. Together? Well, Espenson and Bell are re-writing the rule book and drawing the bunny-fingers around the phrase television with their web series Husbands — a hilarious, take no prisoners gay marriage rom-com that is splendidly frustrating homophobes and positively delighting those with a brain and a sense of humor.

I’ve spoken to Jane and Brad before and as always they deliver in this exclusive interview about Geek cred, raising the bar, the joys of controversy, and the shows unbelievable guest stars like Nathan Fillion last season (who wrote his own cue cards) and this season’s cameos by Joss Whedon (who brought his own wardrobe), Tricia Helfer, Jon Cryer and others.

Read on, enjoy, and share…

Bell, Sean Hemeon, & Espenson at SDCC 2011 before they got Bieber huge.

You took Comic-Con by storm and yet this is a romantic comedy not a “genre” show. How do you explain your “geek” following and street cred?

Jane Espenson: Some of it comes out of my resume. I’ve written for a lot of science fiction and fantasy shows: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, Game of Thrones, etc, so the Comic-Con crowd knows my name. But I think my name is just a billboard of sorts. It catches interest among those fans. The real reason Husbands has earned fan loyalty is that, just like with Sci Fi, the emotions are universal. The circumstance might look like they’re unrelatable — another planet, an alien race, gay people! — but the experience is universal. The journey is compelling. Husbands is the same way.

Brad Bell: I’ve never understood why “genre” shows are defined that way. Everything falls into a genre. Husbands, for example, is a romantic comedy. Assuming Husbands would only appeal to romantic comedy fans or gay fans — or not appeal to the Comic Con crowd because those fans only like Sci Fi — that limits the depth of the show and all fans of everything, everywhere! But that aside, I think Husbands never underestimates the intelligence of the audience. We give our viewers the respect they deserve. People like that. Especially geeks.

Are there any current web series’ that inspire you and that push you to be better?

We adore Very Mary Kate. The quality of joke writing in that little show is so perfect, so beautifully timed… it’s a step above most popular entertainment. When we work and rework the scripts, we aim higher because of Elaine Carroll’s writing.

There are a few new comedies coming up on network TV with gay main characters and what appears to be a more diverse premise. Some will quickly lump Husbands in with those shows, but do you think they need to earn a place beside you with their content? Do they need to put up and earn that badge? A followup: do you think that Husbands is helping to re-draw the boundaries of where network television is willing to go from the outside?

Brad: Earn a place beside us? No, not at all. I mean, if other people want to point out that we were first and still remain [at the] forefront of fresh, bold comedy for the 21st century… that certainly wouldn’t bother me. But to take some kind of ownership or expect others to acknowledge us, that just makes “us” more important than the result. I hope that result is a future with diverse and ample stories from all walks of life. That’s what’s important, not who made it happen.

Jane: I don’t mind Husbands being the bar against which those shows are measured. I don’t mind that one bit. Let’s make that happen. I guess all I have to say is that there should be room in the pool for everyone. If we end up pitting all the shows with gay content against each other, then it’s like accepting the premise that only one of the shows will gain relevance. In terms of re-drawing the boundaries – yes, I hope we are an active living demonstration that the audience is ready for more than is generally thought.

The group One Million Moms has called Ryan Murphy’s upcoming show, The New Normal, “Harmful to society” and they’re boycotting it sight unseen. Do you think the press gives these kinds of protests too much attention, and in light of the attention that they get, are you a little envious that they aren’t calling you harmful to society? I mean, who doesn’t want to be a little controversial?

Brad: Controversy is an effective strategy, but I can’t say I have “kerfuffle envy.” What Husbands has, are fans motivated by a genuine love for the show. It’s great to see people counter-protesting the (considerably less than a million) Moms — they should! But our audience gives celebratory support, not defensive support. I feel very blessed that the visibility and enthusiasm for Husbands is because of the quality; people love the show because of the show. That’s the best case scenario, no matter how big the audience ultimately ends up being.

Jane: Oh, once they see us, they may find us a little harmful. I’m of two minds about the “too much coverage” thing. Yeah, not every crazy needs a camera put on them. On the other hand, when you put a camera on them, the crazy gets really clear.

Describe for me the challenge of trying to say something about our societies views on marriage equality while also being funny. It seems to me that when funny people get too political or value being important over being comical they sometimes forget how to be funny people. On the other hand, some thrive like Jon Stewart and Colbert. How do you toe the line?

Jane: I don’t think either of us know how to talk for very long without attempting some humor. I think it’s how most people talk, and how most people listen. We rarely have to struggle to find the funny “spin” – human beings, even human prejudice, is funny because it’s so ridiculous. I’d say we more often have the other issue, where we have to decide when to hold back on some funny phrasing in order to let a point really land.

Brad: Exactly. The conservative views on marriage equality are already so absurd, it makes our job too easy, really. “Gay marriage will be the downfall of society!” Since there seems to be very little explanation for what exactly takes us from A (marriage equality) to B (the apocalypse) our only option is to imagine the most hilariously horrible doomsday scenario in between and flesh it out.

Obviously you want to evolve from season to season. Season one was fantastic, but in what ways do you think you’ve improved upon the show this season?

Brad: Well, the Million Moms have played right into our game by protesting The New Normal, so that’ll really give some of-the-moment timeliness to this season’s story. This time around, we use a few classic sitcom devices that are normally employed just for laughs, but we were able to use them in such a way that highlights the social commentary, while keeping the relationship at the heart of the story. By the time all is said and done, it’s about this new marriage and the love therein.

Jane: A more ambitious story. Much better production values. We raised a lot of the money for season two through a Kickstarter campaign, so this was the money we got from the fans and we wanted to make sure it all ended up “on the screen.” Plus our big guest stars like Joss Whedon, Jon Cryer, Mekhi Phifer, Felicia Day, Tricia Helfer, Amber Benson, and a lot more.

I spoke with you both and Sean [Hemeon] at the beginning of season 1 and from my perspective it seems like the show has a bit more buzz surrounding it in the days before season 2. You had a meaty write up in Entertainment Weekly, as I said before, you dominated San Diego — when was the moment that you each thought “Okay, this is clicking”?

Jane: I knew it would be huge the minute Brad had the idea, but the moment it really hit me was the review in The New Yorker. It was a breakthrough for online content and signified more than just good press. A few months before that, we’d drawn a shockingly huge crowd at New York Comic Con, so maybe it was already happening. And the build up to the season two roll-out is beyond gratifying. We were hosted at The Paley Center for our premiere event, another first for online programming, which was just amazing.

Brad: Yeah, there have been a series of clicks. The most personal one, I guess, was when my brother in Tennessee said how much his Army buddies were enjoying Husbands — straight, gun-carrying, Tennessee, army boys. I said, “Oh you showed them my stuff?” He replied, “They already knew who you were. They pulled it up one night like, ‘You have to see this, it’s hilarious’ and I was like, ‘Yeah that’s my brother’ and they were all, ‘Cheeks is your brother?! You’re lying!'” That was pretty surreal.

As you mentioned, the fans paid for this season through a very successful Kickstarter campaign. With that comes an obligation to give them their money’s worth but you have total freedom. If you had a chance to take this to TV and make it with someone else’s money — not fans’, but a network’s money — would you choose less exposure and more freedom or more exposure and less freedom? Also, are the priorities at all different for the two of you due to your chosen path as a performer Brad, and your more established “brand” Jane?

Jane: Can I have more exposure AND more freedom? Because that, actually, is where I think we’re headed. Freedom has to come first, but I don’t see a ceiling on our exposure – we are accessible to all. Priorities: I think we are a Venn diagram with a lot of overlap, and the overlap part is labeled “Husbands”. We both want it to change the world.

Brad: If I opted for more exposure, but sacrificed freedom (and therefore quality) why would I want to expose that product to more people? Would it be for the money? Yay. So I win and the audience gains nothing. Worse, they lose a show they loved, which I gave them. “Here you go! Do you like it? Well tough, I’m selling it so I can be rich!” How would I be able to sleep on my 3,000 thread count sheets in my palatial Malibu estate knowing that I’d taken a beloved show from the people who believed in me? I couldn’t. The happiness of my audience is more important than whether or not I have a private jet. Of course, the ideal scenario is a private jet and audience happiness. I aim to make that happen.

You can watch every episode of Husbands on their website, HusbandsTheSeries.com. You can follow the show on Twitter @TeamHusbands. You can also follow Jane Espenson (@JaneEspenson) and Brad Bell (@GoCheeksGo) on the Twitter machine as well. Now, check out this special behind the scenes video from season 2.

It’s finally happening! Prepare for the next level with the second season of Mortal Kombat Legacy. Kombat producer and director Kevin Tancharoen makes the announcement official in the video below saying that this season is going to be all about the tournament; more fighting and more effects. Click play to check out the awesome video announcement, which includes teases about what characters might show up to… FIGHT!!!

Props to Tancharoen and his team for making a teaser announcement almost as entertaining as the series itself. Especially those beat-box-ers. Impressive.

More news as it develops.

Source: IGN

Image by Pierre Drolet BSG in-house special effects

♫ Papa can you hear me? ♫

Frakin-A. It looks like the excruciatingly long delayed Battlestar Galactica spin-off Blood and Chrome will be a web-series after all. Are you WTFing with the word-maker that is placed on your faceplace? Fashizzle, fashizzle, according to the corporate overseers at NBC Universal Sheinhardt Wig Kabletown Spaceley Sprockets that trailer (now removed from the YouTube) that we showed you earlier in the week from Wonder Con (which sounds magical) was “not officially sanctioned” according to EW and the “plan is still to go web-based”.

Here’s the full quote from Syfy President of Original Content Mark Stern, aka the man who likes to merge Lobsters and house cats and make films about them:

“Though the vision for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome has evolved over the course of the past year, our enthusiasm for this ambitious project has not waned.  We are actively pursuing it as was originally intended: a groundbreaking digital series that will launch to audiences beyond the scope of a television screen.”

Now, this is disappointing to fans of BSG and also the slow burning yet brilliant prequel series Caprica, fans who want to tune in to see Cylons and this portrayal of the first Cylon war, people like, well, me. But on the bright side, maybe this won’t suck. Stern says that the 2 hour pilot will eventually air on TV and perhaps they’re envisioning digital content that is not small scale or short lived. These things that I just wrote are not likely, but I thought I’d end on a high note despite the fact that, “And it was never heard from again…” feels like a more appropriate ending.

Well, this sucks. Only last week after a hugely successful panel at Gallifrey One we heard Travis Richey, Inspector Spacetime himself, was developing a web series around Community‘s Doctor Who-parody. Not anymore.

Turns out once NBC and Sony heard what Richey was planning and they sent in the lawyers. Here’s the update Richey posted to his Kickstarter page,

Lawyers from Sony and NBC have contacted me demanding that I cease production on an Inspector Spacetime web series. Though I firmly believe the law would be on my side in producing this parody, I have no wish or ability to fight a show that I love as much as “Community.” I had hoped that they would embrace what is essentially a fan film and appreciate the value it adds to the character, and the audience that we would bring who are finding “Community” for the first time through this character, but alas, that’s not the case. So, I will be removing all references to Inspector Spacetime from this series (it only happened in the title anyway), and altering the appearance of the Inspector so that he does not look like Inspector Spacetime. What remains is 100% the creation of myself, my writing partner, and you, the fans. If you would still be interesting in seeing the series that would have been Inspector Spacetime, I appreciate your support.

I reiterate, what a bummer. A particular shame since io9 recently shared out first look at the proposed series and it looked, AWESOME!

Here’s a video of the Inspector Spacetime panel at Gallifrey One, including a dramatic reading of the first episode.

The good news is the project isn’t totally dead. As of now Richey is still developing a webseries under the title, “Untitled Webseries About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.” Huh? Wonder what that could be about? And he’s already raised $11,792 of his $20,000 goal, so I think he’ll have the cash to make it happen.

Hopefully by altering the name and costume Richey can avoid anymore legal action from NBC. Which only seems fitting since that’s how Community avoided any trouble from the BBC in the first place.

Community returns to NBC on March 15th, will the Inspector?

Source: Topless Robot

We survived the Raptor invasion, and as a reward we get another episode of Mortal Kombat Legacy. This is the episode everyone has been whining and bitching about since the second episode of the series. When will we see Sub-Zero? Why can’t I just bask in Scorpion? Why I am naughty dreams about Scorpion….oh wait….maybe not that, but for sure this episode can finally quell the impatience, sort of. Now, let’s review this episode!

Spoiler Alert! (The following information reveals plot, and storylines which will come as a surprise to those who have not watched the episode yet. So, you can take the red pill to watch the show and come back to read the following review, or the blue bill which gives you all the info and then you watch the show. Choose wisely)


Live-Action Halo Film Under Way?

The Halo movie, that that of The Hobbit (which actually just started filming recently), has been stuck in development hell for many years.

But, fans may begin holding their breath once again, as new pictures have surfaced online on the Machinima.com Facebook page. Machinima is the website currently airing the Mortal Kombat: Legacy webseries, so could it be they’ve snagged another hot property?

Now, no other details have been given yet. So, it could be another project akin to the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth short film, which was used to drum up studio interest in the franchise.

Check out the pictures below and give us your thoughts on what this mysterious Halo project could be.


There is a new webseries from Funny or Die entitled “Clark Kent has a dream,” which deals with a few DC superheroes as you’ve never seen them before.

What if Clark Kent decided to stop being a superhero and become a writer? What if, instead of being productive, he just went on a bender?

And, what if his friends and the rest of the Justice League turned out to really, really hate the guy?

In part four of the webseries, with Superman busy “working on his novel,” Lex Luthor invites Green Lantern onto his talk show, “Lex Talk,” where he baits him into calling Superman out to fight.

The sketch is ok, and not the greatest done. But the effects of Green Lantern on the green screen is amazing, and the interaction between Green Lantern and Superman is pure gold.

Check out the video embedded below, and be sure to head on over to Funny Or Die for the rest of the unique series.

Clark Kent Has A Dream (episode 4) – watch more funny videos