wedding cake


Weddings – who needs ’em? You sit around eating cheap chicken dinners while feeling sorry for the douchebags who are begging the DJ to play the “Electric Slide” yet again. And if it’s your wedding, then you should feel kind of bad for subjecting people to that junk just because it’s “your special day.”

That is, unless you do it up right. Unless you do it up nerdy. Unless you get out your lightsaber to slice apart that dead tauntaun cake. Below, check out three photos of folks who geeked out their ball-and-chain affairs… and one cake that will make you roll your eyes. (more…)

Watchmen Cake

There’s only one thing I envy more then Dr. Manhattans big, blue…eh…head? (come on, all you guys wish you had one!) I want to have a Watchmen wedding cake (well, really I want a grooms cake of Castle Grayskull) but the watchmen cake is pretty cool too. The top layer, the Comedian Button, which represents the Comedian character as showing people what they really are, with a smile, is carrot cake with Philadelphia filling. The middle tier, Rorschach’s mask, which constantly morphs in the movie/comic books, is a lemon drizzle cake with butter icing. The bottom tier, the Doomsday clock, is shown here close to the final minute…of catastrophic destruction, is Belgian chocolate. What an interesting way to portray your true feelings about getting married! Just think about it…constant morphing (life itself), catastrophic destruction (marriage itself), and then the creepy smiley face with blood on it…is there a murder being plotted? I don’t know…but the symbolism behind the cake probably means that the marriage is not destined to last. Just my opinion. Check out some more pics of the seperate tiers after the jump.