Got any plans for 2014? How about a wedding? Well, Marvel’s sent out the invitations, but something tells me you won’t want to stick around for the reception because things might get a little messy. As in a bloody mess! But why would Marvel Comics invite us to a wedding day massacre? Two words: red wedding. If Game of Thrones can do it, then so can Marvel. (more…)

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This is cosplay done wonderfully right. At Comikaze Expo this weekend a scene from Jurassic Park was reenacted on the con floor, the raptor chase with Muldoon in the jeep. Complete with Samuel L. Jackson’s severed arm.

As if it couldn’t get better, the tables were turned when the raptor got hold of the jeep. Clever girl.

(The Mary Sue)



For some reason, I keep writing about weddings (exhibits a and b), even though I’m not a fan. Having a vagina nets me that assignment, I suppose. Still, this is another nerd wedding that pairs two of our favorite Justice Leaguers together, so it’s better than pew bows and rose petals.

Who would have thought that Batman and Wonder Woman would tie the knot? Actually, this whole wedding in England was full of super heroes from Marvel, DC and other universes, including Spider-Man, Poison Ivy and DangerMouse. My fave? Rorschach hanging out in the back of the photo, ready to spout off some depressing wisdom that will pull the bride and groom out of their happy day.

Take a peek at the pic — can you name all of the characters?


Source: The Sun, via Topless Robot

Tetris Wedding Cake

Tetris Cake

“Grandma says ‘This shit is like crack’.” (Thanks Brentalfloss)

Now I’ll never get this out of my head…Anyways, usually I can do some searching and find out the tidbit of info regarding certain cakes. However, I am at a standstill and can’t quite seem to get the down-low on this one. However, it still deserves some love and attention. So, I bring you the Tetris Wedding Cake. Looks quite delectable if you ask me and BuzzFeeder amandab10 looks like she is enjoying it. And for your entertainment I have included some other Tetris cakes for you to take a gander at after the jump.

Source: BuzzFeed



Here at Nerdbastards, we’ve already ranted about the annoying aspects of all weddings except the nerdy kind. But an undead ceremony ranks up there on the “A-OK” list, don’t you think?

A couple from… somewhere not in North America… decided that the typical affair with the virginal white dress and ill-fitting tux just wasn’t for them. What was for them? Zombies. Lots and lots of zombies.

From garbage-bag bridesmaid dresses to bloodstains in inappropriate places to a guy revealing his nearly naked body under a trench coat (what?!), this wedding has it all. I love that the wedding party took to the streets to delight children and scare the old folks — oh, that poor clerk behind the convenience store counter!

Check out a few pics from the wedding below, and then head over to this blog for the rest.



Weddings – who needs ’em? You sit around eating cheap chicken dinners while feeling sorry for the douchebags who are begging the DJ to play the “Electric Slide” yet again. And if it’s your wedding, then you should feel kind of bad for subjecting people to that junk just because it’s “your special day.”

That is, unless you do it up right. Unless you do it up nerdy. Unless you get out your lightsaber to slice apart that dead tauntaun cake. Below, check out three photos of folks who geeked out their ball-and-chain affairs… and one cake that will make you roll your eyes. (more…)