Scratch-N-Sniff took off back in the 1970’s and had a good run for about a decade or so. It employed microfragrance technology that coated cardboard or stickers. When you scratched a certain spot and smelled it, you tended to pick up the advertised odor. I personally haven’t seen it around lately, but DC Comics is bringing back the concept for Harley Quinn Annual #1, with different scents for four different covers. Leather, suntan lotion, pizza and a “mystery smell.” It’s being packaged as a theme too – for instance, rub the leather on her outfit and you’ll smell the leather. For legal reasons, it’s being promoted as a “Rub-N-Smell” campaign and for some reason, that mystery smell is singled out for U.S. issue only. Can you guess what this smell might be? It’s a real “Brainstorm Haze,” so to speak… (more…)


You may recall a few years ago when Kevin Smith released his first horror film (then to be his second last film ever) Red State, he went somewhat off the deep end when it came to film criticism of his work. Compounded by the somewhat disappointing response to his Bruce Willis buddy cop movie Cop Out, Smith went on repeated tirades about why he shouldn’t let critics see his movies for free when they’ll just dump all over it, and how if critics want to see his films early then they should pay him. Of course, this was in the midst of Smith’s DIY kick and his big plan to leave the studio infrastructure in the dust, a plan that he seems to have abandoned along with his retirement plans. But now that he’s ensconced in critical praise again following the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his new film Tusk, Smith says he’s willing to let bygones be bygones with the critical mass once more. (more…)

Well, it’s been a movie, had a TV pilot, got a cartoon, then a comic… why the hell not? At a recent Q&A in LA, writer/director Kevin Smith dropped that if ever gets around to making  Clerks III, it won’t be on the big screen. It will be on Broadway! Ok… At first I thought he was  trolling, simply because he’s also recently announced he’s going to retire.

Even while watching it, I kept thinking it was just a bit. He was just pulling some funny for the crowd and being a good story teller. However, this is Kevin Smith, I wouldn’t put it past him. Still, I don’t know what to think about this, do we need another Clerks? As a Play? What do you think?

I think it is to early for this to process. I need a coffee.

Check out the video of Kevin Smith revealing his plans below.

Source: /Film

He’s the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now. Wait, no, scratch that, Marijuanaman is exactly the hero we need, especially today! Sprouting in a comic book store near you is the creation of a “joint” venture between Ziggy Marley and Image Comics. Releasing on the ubiquitous holiday, April 20th is a no brainer for a cannabis-themed super hero. But Marijuanaman doesn’t sit on the couch all day, smokin’ fatties and eating Cheetos. Here’s the rundown on the green crime-fighter from io9,

Regular humans’ genetic makeup is built out of DNA — but Marijuanaman’s genes are made out of THC… Sedona [is] an alien who travels to Earth from the planet Yelram. Sedona finds that he has a particular affinity with Earth’s biosphere, and then he makes a connection with one plant in particular. But he’s faced with an evil corporation that wants to sell a synthetic marijuana substitute called GanjaRex — and the corporation sends a deadly monster named Cash-Money to destroy Marijuanaman and his nature-loving friends.

He’s green for the environment, not just weed. But obviously marijuana plays a large role in both his origin as well as his crusade. Marley was inspired to create Marijuanaman after learning about the usefulness of the plant, besides getting high. Hemp can be used to create papers, plastics and even fuel and is less harmful for the environment than many of the oil-based products we’re using today. It’s a rich resource we’re denying ourselves because it’s linked to the evil weed.

Marijuanaman travels to our world in seek of help for his own, whose THC atmosphere is being depleted not unlike our Ozone. Here he meets a community of people living in harmony with nature as well as the cannabis plant. He realizes his connection with the plant and from it gains superpowers. But it’s important to note he doesn’t smoke the plant to gain his powers. Marley explains,

Nobody can say he’s a bad influence because he smokes. He doesn’t smoke. But he still gets his power from marijuana anyway.

Now he’s got a friend named, Smokestack who does smoke, I’m guessing a lot with name like that. Industries like the pharmaceuticals are afraid of marijuana, as are tobacco and alcohol. It’s competition, and they want none of it. But hopefully Marijuanaman can shed some light on the positivity of the plant. That’s Marley’s hopes anyway,

Hemp and other alternative energies could be used, but they don’t want to do that. They’re okay with the risk of… destroying the environment to have oil. They’re not okay with the risk of somebody smoking weed. We want to use him to just shed a light for this world to see, for the common people to see. Somebody to speak the truth about the plant. Somebody who stands up for the plant. And still, he doesn’t smoke.

It’s a good choice in making him a non-smoker. Smoking is bad, it doesn’t matter what you smoke it’s always bad for your health. But so is drinking too much booze, or coffee or soda. All the sugar and fat we consume, we’re doing a lot worse to ourselves everyday. I also don’t think it’s coincidence Earth Day and 4/20 fall on the same week. Okay, maybe it is, I don’t have any proof. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t roll yourself a nice joint and head outside with a trash bag and clean up our planet for bit, man.

Marijanaman is written by Joe Casey with art by Jim Mahfood. Like I mentioned earlier, you might be a little stoned and forgot, but Marijuanaman releases today. Sober yourself enough to drive to the comic shop and snag yourself a copy of this cannabis-lovin’ hero.

Below the jump check out some promotional videos featuring art from the book set to the tunes from Marley himself.

source: io9


Gizmo Getting High (probably why will never see a Gremilins 3)

gizmohigh(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

If you’ve ever seen ‘Gremlins’ (and who hasn’t) then you know who Gizmo is. The little white and brown hero of the aforementioned film series has been busted, on film, smoking the bambalacha. Little Gizmo, in this nearly three minute video gets high, watches tv and nearly burns himself by falling asleep with his boom in his hand. He even runs Stripe (Gremlins main badass) over in his pink convertible. So, not only are you watching Gizmo’s evidence for when he gets arrested, your also watching him get involved in a hit and run. That fuzzy criminal.

At least his owner makes sure he’s ok at the end of the video. After such a long session of “puff, puff, pass” Gizmo has more than real glass eyes. Just as long as he doesn’t make a munchie run after midnight, they should be in the clear. Take a look for yourself at the cutest smoker you’ll ever see, just don’t splash him with water if he falls asleep. All you doing is making more smoking buddies you have to supply to (just means more business).

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First of all, I would like you to know that we here at nerdbastards fully endorse the use of illegal substances as we are bastards and find it funny when people act retarded as possible. Now, what we have here is a few shoddy pieces of plastic that have been assembled to resemble (haha that rhymes) the Star Trek Enterprise. You may have to excuse its  shittyness because its not so much supposed be an exact replica so much as it’s a BONG. Yes, that’s right,  Stoner Star Trek fans have a new mission: to explore strange new bowls, to seek out new bongs in new configurations, to boldly smoke as no one has smoked before.

As far as I know this is not product you can buy but perhaps with enough ingenuity you can make it yourself.

source via geekologie