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There are a lot of movies out there.  There are a lot of comic books out there too.  Both have been made for over 80 years now, so it’s no surprise when a popular comic book is adapted into feature-film form (and on occasion, vice versa).  We’re currently living through what is easily the high point of cinematic comic adaptations (in terms of sheer volume, at least), and superheroes are all over the big screen – but comic books contain so much more than spandex-clad do-gooders!  In fact, there’s been there’s been a crap-ton (very scientific term there) of movies to hit the theaters that you probably never even realized were based on comics.

This list is by no means all-inclusive, but I’ve rounded up 15 of the biggest and most intriguing movies that you might not have known started out in art-book form.  Let’s take a look, shall we – and no, this isn’t one of those annoying sites where you have to click NEXT after every entry to visit a new page to help us build our site-view count!  You’re welcome! (more…)


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This week on The Bastardcast, Jason and Jeremy talk about a nightmare Justice League cast, why Smurfs hate Jamie Foxx, why Guillermo del Toro (like many others) hates Michael Bay, why everybody hates Gwyneth Paltrow, and how a bunch of toys that were designed in 1979, might be the key to solving all the lingering questions from Prometheus.

Also on the show: The boys investigate what both G-Pal (we call her G-Pal now) and Iron Man smell like, what it would be like if Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced Kelly LeBrock in the Weird Science remake, how Porn Inspector would look on a resume, and why Patton Oswalt, the guy from Monk, and Superman are freaking awesome, and possibly the same person (bum! Bum!! BUM!!!).

If that gets your blood pumping, don’t miss Jeremy traumatizing his son, and Jason calling for hand job flavored cough medicine before raging about his uncapitalized upon rumble pack masturbatory aide invention and the magical vibrating underthings that are swooping in to capitalize on that market. ‘

All that and unicorn recipes that will make your head spin, on The Bastardcast.


The Bastardcast: Your mother’s dirty secret.

Joel Silver To Produce ‘Weird Science’ Remake


As not only a child of the 1980s, but a lifelong resident on the Greater Chicagoland Area, John Hughes films – prior to Home Alone, anyway – are sacrosanct to me (the mere rumor of a Breakfast Club remake had me in a foaming nerd rage).

Anyhoo, it seems now that Joel Silver and Silver Pictures, who worked on the original Hughes film with Universal, will be producing a remake of 1986’s Weird Science: Probably my favorite Hughes film, Weird Science added homages to classic horror and sci-fi to the Hughesian universe of awkward, Suburban Chicago adolescents and their journeys of self-discovery. Two Nerds (Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith) – of the 1980s cinematic species – use their computer to create the perfect woman (Kelly LeBrock)…because this is the ’80s, and only rich kids and uber-nerds had computers – so who knows? Maybe they CAN spontaneously create sentient life out of the void. In 1986, computers were still practically Voodoo to about 99% of the population, and filmmakers had a lot of fun exploiting this fact.

Oh, and the film featured Robert Downey Jr. with a bra on his head soiling himself – how can you beat that?

But I digress. According to Deadline, this new Weird Science will distinguish itself by being “raunchier” and “edgier” than the original, in the manner of comedies like The Hangover. Personally, I’m not sure how well that’s gonna play: A big part of the original’s charm was you had a plot that sounded for all the world like softcore porn, but instead you got a smart, charming and funny comedy. To make a story like this ACTUALLY raunchy kinda misses the point.

Anyway, at least the script’s being done by a writer with experience “modernizing” ’80s properties: Michael Bacall, who penned the recent 21 Jump Street re-imagining (which I’ve heard is actually pretty funny).

I’ll reserve further judgment until I see who they get to direct and star in this thing.

Source: Deadline

Fans of Spider-Man and casual watchers of the latest movie alike know who the character of Dr. Connors, AKA The Lizard is.  He uses some crazy science to try to fix a missing body part and the experiment goes horribly wrong, turning him into a rampaging genetic cross-breed.  As it turns out, the science that Dr. Connors was using may not be too far off from what some scientists are attempting in the lab.

The use of DNA from reptiles and other sources is being looked into by real-life researchers as a possible means of human regeneration.  They may not be completely regrowing limbs (yet?), but are trying to use genetic alternatives to help speed up the body’s natural healing process, thus fixing a wide range of ailments.  Not only that, but they’re working with spiders in a similar vein (no pun intended), using silk to help build blood vessels.  The next stage in this sci-fi discovery process involves furthering the knowledge so that they can regrow simpler things, like fingers and lungs.

Though these scientists are running things a little more by-the-book (and thus preventing random mutations of people into super-beings), it is an interesting case of life imitating art.  Still, without the possibility of creating crazy monsters to terrorize the local population, it just doesn’t sound as cool as it could be.  Curse you, sane science!


Thanks to Hollywood Reporter for the info on this one.

Top Ten Classic Crimes Against Nerds

Among other things, nerds are often victims. Victims of violence, ridicule, and yes, even other nerds. I have selected my top ten favorite crimes against nerds and some visuals for those of you who have not encountered said crimes up close and personal-style.

1. The Wedgie Patrol On Duty — Sound the “Ouuuuuch” Horn! The meatheads are out tonight and they’re after your unders!