We’re Wolves


While in some cases no news might be good news, a lot of the time some news is not great news. Fans of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi‘s What We Do In The Shadows were ecstatic when word started making the Internet rounds about a sequel/spinoff that would feature the We’re not Swear-wolves gang of werewolves in their own film. Now Waititi has given another update on the project, but it’s not what most WWDIS fans might want to hear. (more…)


Last year’s underground mockumentary hit (96% Rotten Tomatoes Score) about the undead, What we do in the Shadows is getting a sequel, We’re Wolves. Writer/Director Taiki Waititi recently announced the sequel during an interview, but don’t get to excited. Waititi has his hands full directing Thor: Ragnarok so we’re gonna have to wait for We’re Wolves. (more…)