what the fuck?!

Crazy Taiwanese Avengers Trailer Time

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve probably run across videos that depict topical news stories with the magic of crappy Sims 2 CGI and nonsensical insanity.  This is the work of our planets finest news source, NMA Taiwan. You’ve seen their work here before with an inspired take on ‘The Dark Knight Rises.

Today, they give us a (maybe a little NSFW) trailer for ‘The Avengers’ – video after the jump, and if you are worried about spoilers, I think you might be safe.


We should really consider the animated segments from Taiwan’s NMA News as gifts. Fucking crazy gifts we never asked for, didn’t know we wanted, but now that have them, are lives are more complete. Or some such bullshit, I’m desperately trying to rationalize what the fuck I just watched.

It’s intended to be the teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. But animated and weird. We featured two other marvelous parodies in this week’s Nerdy Bits, but this one is definetely the most insane. If you’re familiar with NMA New’s animated beauties, this won’t come as too much of shock, I mean, it will shock you but you’ll be somewhat prepared. For others who have no knowledge of NMA News, uh, well, how about you just watch.

Yeah. I know. Your brain is trying desperately to compute what you just witnessed. My only advice, don’t try to, just let it be. I did catch a few other movie references though, like Memento and Inception, both from Christopher Nolan, so y’know, they’re kind of in the right ballpark. Oh! And that one where Halle Brry and Robin sexually assaulted Batman and he loved it. You know the flick.

What did you think of this strange, strange re-imagining of The Dark Knight Rises trailer? Would you like to see a feature film, ’cause I kinda do.

source: io9