Where the wild things are


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Above: A Realistic take on The Enderman, one in a series of Minecraft characters designed by Deviant Art user DevBurmak. Once you remove the pixels from the survival creation game the mobs are a bit more terrifying than we would have expected. Look at this all you want too, but for the love of Notch don’t look him in the eyes. [Geek Tyrant]

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New To Nerdbastards: DVD Tuesday


Here at Nerdbastards, we wanted to show some love for all the movie buffs. So new to nerdbastards, every tuesday we will do DVD tuesday. This is where we will take all major movies, and some non-major worth mentioning, that are coming to DVD and rate them for you. It will be on a 3 part grade system. Buy it, Rent it, pass it. We will bring you the synopsis of the story, and the special features on the disc. So read after the break for this weeks movies.


I love Spike Jonze.  Well, most of the time *cough* “Where The Wild Things Are.” just isn’t good *cough.  On the flipside of that, I can’t fucking stand Kanye West.  Hate is a strong word and I just love using it when I talk about this dingle berry.  Yeah, he’s a decent musician but, man oh man he is such a douche bag when it comes to being a human being.  Every time I turn on the television, it would seem,  he gives me a new reason to despise him.  Just when I thought I couldn’t hate him anymore he goes and does this…..AND TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF(well sort of).  This little short film by Spike Jonze is interesting to say the least and Kayne is pretty fucking cool to be able to make fun of himself at this level.  Just watch this 2 part video and tell me if it makes sense to you. (video 2 after the jump)


Where the Wild Things Are Film Review


“So wake up sleepy ones…Its time to save your world..You’re Where the Wild Things Are, toy soldiers out to war!!”

Spike Jonze’s personal spin on the beloved 1963 children’s classic was definitely a trip, to say the least. It was an epic journey through a child’s fantasy world where all the problems of the real world seep through and you don’t know the limits of where his imagination ends and his “Wild Things” begin. (more…)


Entertainment Earth has a set of beautifully rendered vinyl figures the upcoming release of Spike Jonze’s film. Where the Wild Things Are has released many figures in the past, the last set were identical to the book of the same name. These new ones will be available in November and are cast from the characters in the movie with a stunning accuracy. The last series became very hard to get, and even rarer to collect them all, ebay is now the last place to grab a full set or individual ones I believe…These new Vinyls make a movie buff like me drool over all the intricacies and detail…Can’t wait for Nov. 2009